Samsung MV800 Review

The Samsung has introduced Samsung MV800 compact digital camera with 16.1 mega pixel that consists of flip-out touch screen display that simplifies the capture of self portraits and great high or low angles snapshots. The system presents 5x optical zoom lens added with 26mm wide angle function along with dual image stabilization. The product features 3 inch touch screen LCD with extensive range of unique effects. The Intelligent Smart Auto helps to adjust the settings of the system mechanically. The Samsung MV800 is similar to ST95 offered by the same company. The system is very useful for regular users with its point and shoots feature and innovative character. The 3 inch screen is placed at the top side of the body and can be revolved through 180 degrees. The screen can be revolved to face forward in the equal direction that is ideal for self portraits. The system has 16:9 ratio 3 inch ‘Smart touch’ touch screen that accommodates the complete rear plate similar to SH100 model.

To be noted, the dimension of the camera is 92 x 56.2 x 18.3mm and weighs about 121 grams exclusive of the battery and the memory card. The system has shoehorned in 5x optical zoom with wide angle 26mm and moving up to 130mm during the telephoto end. The device contains resolution of 16.1 mega pixel with ½.3 inch CCD sensor and the video resolution includes 1280 x 720 pixels. There contains an HDMI output with dual USB/AV output inside plastic side panel. The product is structured with metal and other accessories includeing wrist strap, plastic stylus to navigate the touch screen icons, quick start pamphlet and full manual on the CD ROM. The camera looks smart added with zoom lens and self timer at the top right side. There contains an in built flash, AF illuminator lamp and narrow tablet shaped strip. The system gets started in two seconds that is an excellent feature for the multi functioned camera.

Moreover, the top plate of the system is uncomplicated included with a slot for the purpose of mono microphone. The shutter release button is encircled by the manual zoom lever. There also contains one more shutter release button at the back side of the system for using at the flip out screen which is angled at 180 degree for photographers. All the significant functions are within the finger tips of the user making it simple to use. It also enables to capture images and can review the picture in seconds. The Smart Auto setting compares the themes mechanically with the assistance of 16 on board functions. At the review mode the images captured also revolves to display the right way up. While capturing images, the screen images remain at the ratio 4:3. At the time of movie recording the entire wide screen of the camera can be used. The ‘Tap the Program’ Mode permits the regulation of flash settings in the manner provided in the guide. The home button includes shooting options that makes direct and instinctive functions. Hence Samsung has again confirmed its foremost status among other electronic companies with the introduction of the new Samsung MV800.

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