Studies of Trees By Jacob Joshua Levison

Studies of Trees

Studies of Trees

Trees are always an interesting and fascinating subject and there is plenty of literature on this topic available which leaves a reader in a state of dilemma to go for which book. This book will definitely bring you more closely to the nature and the flora and by the time done with this book you will be in a position to identify trees of various class and types. This book contains complete information regarding trees like from identifying, planting and taking care of various classes of trees. This is one stop information book and best pick for a beginner who would like to know about the tress from the basic structure to its different life cycles. Studies of trees are a very vast subject and it is a brilliant effort from the author to put it in a nut shell that too in a very simple and lucid manner. First part dealt with more theoretical part of the subject whereas the second half focuses on practical implementation of the subject.

Everyone might have studied regarding trees and acquired knowledge over a period of time either by keen observation or unknowingly passing through different walk of life. This book will surely help in co-relating the existing knowledge with the newly acquired and will surely widen its application in the day to day life. The illustrations and explanation will be very helpful in understanding the subject. The literature is same that of the many other books found in market. The approach is different and the book has thrown light on the most ignored and unnoticed part of the trees. The topic covered in woodland is very interesting. It calls for the responsibilities of human kind towards the tress which is directly or indirectly our livelihood.

It is very difficult to confine the vast field of trees in books and trees are a complex and interrelated subject. But author has made an attempt to break up the subjects into nine chapters keeping in view the step b step information needed by a beginner in this field. The first three chapters focus on identification of trees of a particular geographic location. The third chapter has very efficiently dealt with the basic structure and requirement of trees in various phases of its life cycle. The reader with average knowledge of trees, one can bet that he will come across many parts of trees which he was not aware of earlier. The proceeding two chapters’ dealt with basic principles and tips and tricks for the reader for effective garden management. It will train you to identify the harmful insects and prevent their damages at the earliest and the most common tree diseases are discussed in this part. The last two chapters deal with woodland. The author will take you to the wonderful journey of woodland of soft woods and the hard wood. Overall this book is a good read and worth spending your money and time.

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Studies of Trees

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