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iPhone SE will launches on 21st of March, 2016

Apple has sent officially invitation for forthcoming week’s event at company’s headquarters being in Cupertino in California. Here it has been expected for introducing quite fewer devices together with fewer updates. Highlights of events like always are rumoured upcoming 4 inches iPhone. There are rumours currently that it is known as iPhone SE.

Critics curious and fans eager desire for knowing what Apple shall offer in 1st launching events of 2016. Specifications rumoured of iPhone SE upcoming are: Device is known as SE and not iPhone 5se. Company dropped “5” from name. Meaning is that iPhone SE shall be 2nd iPhone after 1st original generation models with no numbers in names. Changes in names are for simplifying iPhone line-ups. It brings back iPhone 5 variants in iPhone 6 life cycles which confuses customers.

iPhone SE replaces iPhone 5s which can sell same pricing points. Designs: Devices are known to be same as models of iPhone 6. Reports are that there is sporting of power buttons on sides. It had been with only models of iPhone 6 that companies began opting for side powering buttons because of device lengths. Therefore smartphones upcoming are same as iPhone 6 fitting onto 4 inches forming factors. iPhone SE shall offer 64GB and 16GB storage capacities with 1642mAh batteries. Options of connectivity’s include Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, and Live Photos supports.

Report: Apple Plans flexible OLED Displays for iPhones

Apple is developing iPhone largest till date. It features 5.8 inches screens with important OLED switches from LCD traditional displays. Truly speaking, Apple marks changes drastically from 5.5 inches existing iPhone screening sizes. These are radical departures from 4 inches standardised iPhones in year 2014.

Decision of Apple is using displays of OLED for iPhones in future. These have been in vogue and new for fewer times now. Apple expects bringing iPhones numbered 50 million with displays of OLED in availability’s first year. Sources of DigiTimes in supplying chains have revealed this. Apple shall not rest in integrations of OLED since its pipeline of innovation brings flexible and foldable OLED displays for iPhones of future. This was said by Ray Soneira of DisplayMate to MacRumors.

It pointed towards fewer patents related being filed by companies in 2015 September. With usage of displays flexibly, Apple has abilities of eliminating bezels from side of iPhones. It integrates gestures or functions useful. It is thing that Samsung does with flagship products namely Galaxy S7 Edge and S6 edge. OLED display has important benefits because it is light, thin thereby offering viewing angles.

5.8 inches iPhones of Apple shall go against directly Galaxy Note Series of Samsung. Newer iPhone SE are being launched on 15th March 2016. First iPhones with OLED displays shall be launched in 2018. I was told by The Korean Times.

Similarities between iPhone 5se and 5s

iPhone of 4 inches of upcoming of Apple Company are reported for sporting similar designs as iPhone 5s of company. As per reports in 9 to 5 mac newer devices is iPhone 5s of 2013 essentially with internal software and hardware significant upgrades. Newer smartphones of Apple Company are speculated for being known as iPhone 5se.

Reports that quote sources tell that presently case making sources provide us along with schematics lining up. This there with as to what there are hearings from sources that used iPhone 5se. Devices look same as 5s. Article that quote makers of cases claim that dimensions of iPhone 5se are too indistinguishable from iPhone 5s. This implies that newer devices fit within iPhone 5s existing cases.

However, drawings show also changes couples such as powering, sleeping or waking buttons being relocated with sides. Images show also slightened camera bumps. Leaks earlier regarding iPhone 5se claims that newer devices run on A9 latest processors with excellent RAM. They have camera up-graded and NFC chips for Apple Payments.

iPhone 5se expects coming in 64 GB and 16 GB options of storage and selling for similar prices as 5s. Sources reveal that newer iPhone 5se shall be unveiled at events on 15th March. Apple plans then releasing phone on 18th March. Apple Company is currently not planning for offering devices through standardized pre-ordering campaigns.

Apple’s Risky iPhone 5SE ‘s Launch Date Leaked

The new product line- up to the entire Globe is widely expected to be announced by Apple on 15th day of i.e. on Tuesday, as reported by Mark Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac. And as such, the launch date is leaked. Apple is expectedly offering three product lines updated with refreshed accessory and wristband line- up for the Apple Watch, an updated iPad Air and also one more product. Moreover, Apple is risking a refresh for its smartphone, rather playing safe and waiting for the iPhone 7.

Apple as such, may be expected to launch its iPad Air 3 at the event. And notably, its Classic iPad of 9.7 inches’ size has not seen a new model from the year 2014. However, its iPad mini was refreshed and its iPad Pro was launched. As such, notably, the iPad Air 3 is likely to make a jump in specifications for bringing parity with the other models.

However, the many attentions will be attracted with the news of announcement of the iPhone 5SE and this product is one of the most riskiest one, as launched by this brand in the ongoing times. This product is also designed to replace the iPhone 5S at the bottom of the iPhone portfolio.

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