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Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.

Review: Audacity, developed by the Audacity team, is a computer recording software application and a free source for the editing of digital audio. The source code of this software is available for anyone and everyone to use. This application is absolutely free to use.  The application is available for almost all the operating systems including the Windows, OS X and Linux. This application was initiated in the year 1999, by Roger Dannenberg and Dominic Mazzoni, both belonging to Carnegie Mellon University. The initial release of the version 0.8 was made on 28th March of 2000. On October 10th 2011, Audacity was pronounced as the 11th most downloaded application from Source Forge, and also won the Source Forge Award for the Best Project for Multimedia of the year 2007 and 2008. This software is distributed under GNU General Public License.

Audacity is not just a free recording application; it can be used for post processing and editing procedures of all kinds of audios including podcasts. Audacity can also be used for adding effects into your audio. The editing facility of this application can be used even for mixing an entire album, like the Tune Yards, who recorded and mixed their whole album with the help of audacity.  Audacity has unlimited options of editing, which makes the app unique. The different options of effects in Audacity varies from, trimming, fading in and out and normalization. This application also supports multitrack mixing, and amplitude envelope editing. The application has built in LADSPA plug in support and also an optional VST Enabler, which supports VST. It also has an option of audio spectrum analysis and multi-channel modes.  It also enables the conversion of tapes and recordings into digital tracks.

Another one of the leading software in the market similar to Audacity is Apple Garage band. Unlike Audacity, the Apple Garage band, which is developed by Apple Inc, is not supported in Windows and Linux, which precisely states that the platforms of the latter application is very much limited. And most importantly, this software is not free to use like the Audacity, it has a fixed market value. Recording features, compatibility, plug-in supports and also effect are comparatively less in Apple Garage band.

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