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CANON launches EOS 80D, PowerShot G7X Mark II, PowerShot SX720 and different devices in India

Canon has added new items to its portfolio with the dispatch of EOS 80D DSLR camera and two new minimal cameras named PowerShot G7X Mark II and the ultra-zoom PowerShot SX720 HS. Alongside the new cameras the organization has additionally presented another lens named as EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM.

The Canon EOS 80D is the most recent offering of the company in its DSLR range. It comes outfitted with as good as ever components, for example, an all-cross sort 45-point AF framework, DIGIC 6 picture processor with a 24.2 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor, a higher ISO speed, and in addition an enhanced video recording determination. The gadget offers Wi-Fi and NFC as availability alternatives. The company has not yet uncovered the estimating of the DSLR but rather it will be accessible in the business sector from April this year.

Then again, the PowerShot G7X Mark II includes a substantial 1.0-inch sensor, and Canon’s new DIGIC 7 image processor making it a definitive versatile camera for observing clickers. The PowerShot SX720 HS which is fueled by the DIGIC 6 imaging processor and offers an unmatched 40x optical zoom and video recording highlights in a minimized and lightweight bundle. The availability choices of the cameras incorporate Wi-Fi and NFC. Both the new smaller cameras will be accessible in the business sector beginning from May and June.

The EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, the first to offer a Nano USM centering framework for ultra-quick still picture centering, and smooth self-adjust amid video shooting.

Discussing the new items, Andrew Koh, VP of consumer imaging and information centre, Canon India said, “At Canon, we constantly innovate to offer the best to our customers. With the EOS 80D, we are taking a leap forward by offering a DSLR imbued with a cutting-edge focusing system, and advanced video specifications. The PowerShot G7X Mark II offers a large sensor in a slim form factor for discerning users. Our PowerShot SX720 HS is the ultimate compact for those looking at a device with the widest possible optical zoom range. The EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens is the first to feature our newly developed Nano USM technology, while the Power zoom adapter is PZ-E1 is something totally new – allowing users to enjoy a smooth, variable zooming experience with the touch of a finger.”

Canon PowerShot Elph 130 IS Review

The Canon Power Shot Elph 130 IS is a compact digital camera with 8x optical zoom and automatic functioning. It is a standalone lightweight camera, easy to carry and contains special features like optical lens and image stabilization. For the purpose of wireless connectivity, the product is included with Wi Fi functions as well. Another peculiarity of the camera is its 0.43 inch 16 megapixel CCD sensor that is older than the DIGIC 4 image processor. The 8x optical zoom with 28mm- angle 224mm equivalent to 35mm with maximum aperture of f/3.2-6.9 is also its special feature. The shutter speed of the camera is 1-1/2, 000th of a second. The ISO of the system ranges from 100-1600 even though the user can increase that up to 6400 low light mode. With the camera one can shoot high definition videos at 720p at 25 frames within a second that is correctly good for short you tube videos.

With the use of Wi Fi connectivity one can pair the system with iOS, Android or mobile phones or Back up to a computer. The device can also be paired with another powershot and print the images and with the help of Image Gateway portal, the users can even upload to a social media site. While transferring images to a computer, it is easy to swap the card from the camera and plug to another card reader. As mentioned above, it a fully automatic camera with two shooting modes viz, Smart Auto with the use of which the camera manages everything and the program which assists to adjust ISO, white balance, exposure compensation etc. But almost all users performs the camera in the automatic mode. There are creative modes that help to choose the scene that goes with shooting situations, add special effects and filters, shoot while the system finds out a smile etc.

Additionally, the device has a sleek, slim profile that measures nearly 3.8 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches and the product weights about 4 ounces which makes it easy to carry. In addition to the camera, other accessories include battery pack, charger, wrist strap, USB interface cable, disc, quick start guide and the full manual. It is easy to shoot with the camera, just press the button, aim the situation, focus and start shoot. To enter the video mode straight away, press the red dotted record button. The images are of high quality while at the smart auto mode, and functions good during bright clear situation for the normal users. At the ECO mode, the battery life is rated at 190-260 shots. The camera is user friendly with longer zoom, improved sensor and image processor. The eco mode facilitates power consumption that provides continuing power between charges. The automatic white balance control enables natural color imitation along with cloudy, daylight, custom modes etc. The Canon PowerShot Elph 130 IS costs around Rs.8000 in India and generally, the product is available in silver, black blue and pink colors.

Canon PowerShot SX170 IS Review

The Canon has introduced Canon PowerShot SX170 IS which is a high zoom compact digital camera affordable to normal users. The camera consists of 16 megapixel sensors with 16 x 28 extendable up to 448mm optical zoom and other settings for regulating shutter speed and aperture. It further presents a series of digital effects with 720p HD video recording and LCD screen of 3 inches. The product is similar to SX510 HS and its highest resolution is 16 megapixels starting from a standard issue 1/2.3-inch CCD. For modifying the product the Canon included travel zoom with lens reach beginning at a wide angle equivalent to 28mm extendable up to 448mm in 35 mm terms during the telephoto end. It grips in a flash above the lens which requires increasing manually before it will fire.

The product further contains other well-known shooting modes like top plate controls that can be dialed with common division of innovative P/A/S/M and completely automatic options. It further includes 32 scenes that can be identified with smart audio mode and nearby raised shutter release button that is surrounded by a lever. This is for directing the flash in addition to on or off power button kept at the back of it. When the user press this button, the camera starts its functions within seconds. When the video recording begins, the optical zoom can also be organized but takes few more seconds to function through the similar focal range. A functioning noise can also be heard from the micro phone while the zoom performs but this can be adjusted to a low level while in busier situations. At the backplate, there consists of a video recording button that helps to activate HD movie recording right away.

In addition, the product contains 1280 x 720 pixel clips and consists of retrieving clips below the pixel clip. These clips are also surrounded by scroll wheel that is included as multi directional control pad that is yet another well-known functional device. Besides, top left and next to the playback button, there is another button to access and regulate exposure and at the bottom of it another button is incorporated that pairs the self explanatory display. The button provided in the camera is large and occupied spaciously for ease of use. The flank of the system gives a pull that helps to attach wrist strap and at the right side contains a black plastic flap that guards single AV/USB output port. It includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives slots with grip at the base and contains space for optional SD Card as well. Another feature is the unconnected charger and for the purpose of attaching the product to tripod, there is a somewhat off centre threads that increases the standard of the camera. The LCD provides a 230k dots standard resolution which is a method of composing and analyzing images including videos and it also offers full coverage. The newly modified shutter release button is good and elastic. It facilitates the user to willingly locate the bite point and for the camera to swiftly settle on focus and exposure prior to pressing down completely to take the picture. Another feature is the ten different modes of shooting and with the use of contrast the user gets familiar program, shutter priority, aperture priority and manual modes.

Canon PowerShot S200 Review

The Canon PowerShot S200 has been launched by Canon with 2 megapixel sensor that captures 1600 x 1200 images. It consists of autofocus lens by means of 2 x optical/2.5x digital zoom. The product also included 8MB compact flash card that keeps 12 images during default settings. The camera can be connected to computers and Macs with the help of USB support and also engages proprietary lithium ion rechargeable battery that is included with the camera. The 2 megapixel sensor helps to take sharp prints at size up to 8 by 10 inches which keeps a proper balance between presentation and price for the users. For the users taking prints regularly, indeed a camera with high resolution and added manual control are essential. Additionally, for photo composition a 2x optical zoom lens equivalent to 35-70mm and for magnifying the image an extra digital zoom of 2.5x is fundamental. The digital zoom diminishes sharpness and also specifies the image. To absolutely focus the picture there is multizone focuses that achieve even when the theme of the photo is not at the center of the scene and there is low light conditions from which a focus assist lamp sends out a small patterned beam to help the camera to precisely settle on distance.

Besides, the product contains advanced characteristics for photographers who aim more innovative control consisting of exposure compensation, neutral modes, sepia and vivid modes, manual ISO and white balance etc. The video clip with sound is captured with the help of video mode and depending upon the resolution, these clips can continue for 2 to 60 seconds. To each snap shot that the photographer take, an audio of 60 seconds can be added. The new NB-1LH looks similar with that of NB-1L batteries in the previous Elph model, but these new batteries keeps m Ah of energy 23% augmented. In the standard Type I compact flash cards, the images are stored. The dimension of the camera is 99.5 x 59.0 x 26.3 mm with a maximum frame rate of 24 fps.

Further, the 8MB card facilitates transfer of images and leaves space to include more images. At about 200 images can be stored with the assistance of 128 MB card and to do such transfer to the computer, the USB cable should be attached between the computer and the camera. The computer will mechanically identify the camera and helps to transfer images to the hard drive. Canon has also launched different types of printers modeled to work straight with the S 200 model. The present model is smaller in size with 3.4 by 2.2 by 1.1 inches and weighs about 6.3 ounces. The other accessories with the camera include MB-1LH battery added with CB-2LS charger, AV and USB cables, 8 MB memory card, software suite and wrist strap. The product contains high image quality even during low light locations. There is a ring moving around lens enabling perfect shots and easy to carry in pockets, bags etc. The camera has a very good customer rating and the product costs around Rs. 18000 in India.

Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS Review

The Canon Power Shot Elph 330 HS is one of the finest midrange line product of Canon which is easy for use consisting of generous 10 x zoom range and permits to transfer images with the help of built in Wi Fi connection. The photos and images that are captured are sharp and contain 12 megapixel CMOS sensor that facilitates to shoot at ISO 1600 with out producing much noise while taking snapshots. The product has a sleeker appearance with metal exterior and for comfortable use has added curved lines. The camera is available in the market in silver, black and pink colours, and it measures 2.2 by 3.8 by 0.9 inches and weighs just about 5.1 ounces. The lens of the camera is 10 x zoom design that covers 24-240mm containing a variable aperture beginning from f/3 and ends to f/6.9 while zoomed. The product consists of 3 inch LCD which makes the image sharp with its 461 k dot resolution. The display is bright which makes it more clearly at outdoor use and images can be viewed from all the angles. A lot of control buttons are included in the small frame which enables rapid adjustments etc. The product also helps to shoot with the help of Hybrid Automatic Mode and also assists to set self timer and can adjust the flash or set automatic mode.

Additionally, with the help of toggle button in the switching to program, the user gets more control over the device and also enables to make images brighter or darker. With the assistance of flash control the user can set the system to fire while using slower shutter speeds and sets manual control over macro focusing. Other shooting functions can be accessed by overlay menu that can be made active by Function button. These consists of metering pattern, continous drive mode, ISO setting, white balance, image aspect ratio etc.

Additionally there are scene modes starting from old standards including snow and fireworks. To implement Wi Fi, the user should configure We Services like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube with the aid of Image Gateway Software. For this purpose one has to plug the Elph into the computer or Mac by using USB cable. The user can pair the system with the mobile phone with Wi Fi connection to transfer images. The device captures image in just 1.8 seconds and its shutter lag is 0.15 seconds and the product fires off images at 2 frames per second. The video is recorded in the camera in Quick Time format in 1080 p24 or 720 p30 qualities. While recording the system can be zoomed in or out and auto focus at the time of video recording is swift, quiet and perfect. The system consists of mini HDMI which facilitates to connect the system directly to HDTV and mini USB port to plug into the computer. The other accessories available with the camera are battery pack, battery charger, interface cable, wrist strap and the owner’s manual.

Canon PowerShot SX600 HS Review

The Canon has announced the launching of pocket sized Canon PowerShot SX600 on January 6, 2014 with improved connectivity and inventive choice. The body of the camera is compact and embraces of long zoom range. The 18 x optical zoom which is equivalent to 25-450mm helps users with excellent quality optics. The product unites 16 mega pixel CMOS sensor and the Digic 4+ Image processor that modulates Canon HS system that permits outstanding low light functions. The product includes point and shoots characteristics that facilitate easiness and sharing images with smart phones. The camera contains 18 x f3.8-6.9 25-450mm lens and BSO CMOS SENSOR OF 18 mega pixel. The new creation is the automatic shooting but does not include manual shooting modes to regulate shutter speed and aperture. This particular feature helps to take original photographs with clarity and perfection. Compared with the previous version, the new version regulates the effects employed and can select category of filters consisting of monochrome, natural, retro or special.

The product embraces of Hybrid Auto Mode that helps to capture a few seconds of video prior to taking each picture. After a days function, the camera mechanically assemble all the small clippings and the photos which is taken with the assistance of Scene Recognition Smart auto and converts then into a movie. The system incorporated Mobile Device Connect button that permits the express connection with the Wi Fi to an Android device or the like. The NFC feature enables tapping the system against the smart phone which will set up link between the Wi Fi as well. With the support of these mobile applications, the user will be competent to vision, send and share the photographs and remotely regulate the product.

The product consists of a compact body with maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456. The sensor size of the camera is 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm) plus the sensor type is BSI CMOS. The focal length is equivalent to 25-450mm and contain an articulated LCD is fixed. There are 5 white balance presets in addition to the custom while balance. The auto focus systems are Center, Contrast Detect, Face detection and Multi area. The resolution of videography is 1920 x 1280 with H.264 format. Furthermore, the screen dots are 461,000 and the type of screen is pure color II G (TFT). The lowest shutter speed is 15 seconds and the maximum speed is 1/2000 seconds inclusive of scene modes and in built flash. The flash range of the camera is 3.50 m (50 cm – 3.5 m (W) / 1.0 m – 2.0 m (T)) and the meter modes are spot, multi and center weighted. The battery is rechargeable Li-ion battery NB-6LH, weighs about 188 grams and the dimension is 104 x 61 x 26mm. Hence the camera consists of multi functions and easy to carry due to less weight. The product will be helpful for professional photographers and new users as all the functions are clearly described. There is ease of handling and to capture images without alteration in the natural beauty.

Canon Powershot SX 700 Review

The Canon PowerShot SX 700 is the new product introduced by Canon that is slim with 30x optical zoom camera and 16 megapixel CMOS sensor and super zoom lens equivalent to 25-750mm. The product contains full HD 6p movies and stereo sound and in built WiFi with Near Field Communication system. The Wi Fi connectivity contains remote shooting with the help of smart phones and permits to store images that are backed up under the image synchronization. This enables transfer shots by wireless mode to cloud storage purpose containing Canon Image Gateway, Google drive as well as Flickr. The product also consists of offering manual, Av and Tv shooting modes, Enhanced Dynamic IS mode which makes constant movies and stills similarly. The new system is very ideal for capturing the adventures are useful for travelers. It has a compact structure which is perfect for capturing special occasions in the correct quality.

The camera provides excellent quality images, vivid full HD 60p movies and innovative shooting modes which is definitely a distinctive twist for the shots. The integrated Wi Fi connection enables sharing of images and adventures with the help of NFC. The body is 34.8mm thin and helps to capture particulars without difficulty by means of 30x optical zoom lens. The 25mm lens ultra wide angle presents elasticity to capture attractive locations and the striking focal length gives the choice to zoom farther objects. The Zoom Plus technology expands digitally the reach of the system to 60x when retaining complete resolution image excellence. While using the tele photo zoom, the subjects can be maintained in the frame with the assistance of usable Zoom Framing Assist element. The HS system unites the new generation Canon Digic 6 processor with excellent sensitivity 16.1 megapixel COMOS sensor facilitating capture of fine-looking sights with sharp specifications and sensible colors. The images are kept back clear and crisp due to the Optical Image Stabilizer consisting of Intelligent IS Technology. The Intelligent IS examines different shots and mechanically regulates the stabilization mode that provides high quality images.

The Wi Fi connection consists of remote shooting from mobile phones and the GPS via mobile functionality facilitates tagging the location of each shot. The product helps in 1080p Full HD video recording and the Movie Record button moves from shooting pictures to movies. The movies can be seen in various devices and even uploaded to different social networking sites sine those are recorded in the MP4 format in the camera. The hybrid auto routinely captures four seconds prior to every still image is taken that helps to connect all the clips into one movie. The screen size of the camera is 3 inches and has a fixed articulated LCD. The dimension of the system is 113 x 66 x 35 mm and weights about 269 grams. The product costs Rs. 21700 in India and will be available from March 2014. The camera will definitely be useful for the beginners as well as professionals to take images perfectly and clearly.

Canon PowerShot D30 Review

The Canon has recently introduced PowerShot D30 camera with new design and high quality performance. The product is waterproof to a remarkable 25m/82 ft which makes the product special and gives the open water diver 23 additional feet of depth to capture marine environment. It is also temperature resistant form -10° C/14° F to 40° C/105° F and shockproof to 2m/6.5 ft. The product consists of 12.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor, in built GPS and is competent of video recording of 1080p HD. The new sunlight LCD mode included in the camera which enhances visibility in bright conditions is its peculiar feature. The camera is long-lasting and can manage variety of adventures. The camera is useful for travelers as the in built GPS tracker members the place, location and time where the images where taken.

The product is designed smoothly and easy grip for the swift alteration from the surface to under water shooting with the help of the newly inserted Sunlight LCD mode. This mode helps lessen glare while shooting on top of the water, hence making the capture and sharing photos are more comfortable. While under the water, the system is bright and instinctive for uncomplicated, perfect use. The Smart Auto mode choose the correct camera setting according to the 32 predefined shooting situations that permits users for the most excellent shot composition. Additionally, the camera records outstanding 1080p full HD videos with the easy to access dedicated movie settings. This enables to capture moving images at the moment they take place. The product contains compact body made up of composite metal. The maximum resolution of the sensor is 4000 x 3000 with BSI-CMOS sensor. Its color filter array is the primary colour filter and includes optical image stabilization. There is no uncompressed format and the JPEG quality levels are superfine. The image parameters are red, blue, contrast, green, contrast, skin tone, saturation and the file format is JPEG (Exif v2.3).

The focal length of the camera is equivalent to 28-140mm, the optical zoom is 5 x and the maximum aperture is F3.9-F4.8. The autofocus system is Center, Contrast detect and Multi- area. There is an autofocus assist lamp, 4 x digital zoom and manual focus. The macro focus range is 5 cm and the normal focus range is 5cm. The product contains 9 focus points and a fixed articulated LCD, but does not include touch screen facility. There is live view function with the screen type of Pure color II LCD. The least shutter speed is 15 seconds and the upper limit speed is 1/1600 seconds. The exposure modes are smart auto mode and program mode; whereas different scene modes are Super slow motion movie, long shutter, underwater, snow etc. There is in built flash with a flash range of 3.50m and its battery is NB-6LH lithium-ion battery and charger. The weight of the product is 218 grams and the dimensions are 109 x 68 x 28 mm. The price of the camera starts from Rs. 20500 in India.

Canon G1X Mark II Review

The Canon has presented the G1 X Mark II which is the next model of the Canon G1 X with several modifications. The product contains lens that are 24-120 f 2-3.9 optic which enable to shoot moving materials in the dark. This is due to the inclusion of the additional f-stop of speed on both sides of the zoom range in the camera. The new system has shorter lowest focus distance than the latest. The product has also enhanced user friendliness helpful for new users with two control rings embedded in the lens. For the purpose of focusing the lens while at the manual focus mode, one ring is included. Another ring is for the reason of regulating different user defined settings. For actual professional photographers, the addition of wide-ranging manual control without using the menu is noteworthy.

In addition, the product consists of AF system which contains a grid of 31 points, where the AF system permits the photographer to compose and capture images perfectly. For assisting in this function, the system is outfitted with 3 inch 1040 k-dot LCD screen that is able to angle 45 degrees downward and 180 degree upward. The LCD touch screen is also very pertinent feature of the camera. The G1 X Mark II includes Wi Fi and NFC connectivity which helps to share photographs instantly. With the use of NFC, the user can control the product by Android device while taking photos, zooming and employing self timer and also permits remote shooting. Canon has developed the least focusing distance by reducing it to 5 cm which a great change from the previous model where the focusing distance was 30 cm. The DIGIC 6, new image processor is contained in the system which helps to increase the functional speed, decrease the shutter lag and facilitates recording of complete HD video. There is an electronic viewfinder which can be obtained separately if needed.

The manifestation of the camera is superior and of outstanding quality when compared with the previous model. The product contains grip on its side in Europe which is said to be contented to hold and apply. The product is very special due to the newly inserted flash, lens, sensor, autofocus system and restructured body. The new sensor inserted in the camera provides for multi aspect shooting ranging from 3:2 to 4:3 which upholds the field of view. The sensitivity range of the product is ISO 100 extendable up to 12800 and the sensor effective resolution is 12.8MP HS CMOS. The closest focus of the system is 2.0 and the continuous shooting is 3fps. The product has optical image stabilization, consists of best quality video with H.264 Quick time MOV 1080/30p Stereo and battery life of the system is 240 shots. The dimension is 4.6 x 3.0 x 2.6 inches and weight of the G 1 X Mark II is 19.5 ounce. The product will be available in the market by April, 2014 which is expected to cost around Rs. 77000 in India.

Canon EOS 6D Review

The Canon has introduced EOS 6D which is said to be the world’s lightest full frame DSLR that contains CMOS sensor of 20.2 megapixel. It consists of a precision of 11 point AF system and provides GPS function and in built Wi Fi. The 20.2 megapixel photos are of high quality and the full frame CMOS sensor technology is also noteworthy. The new photodiode formulation, on chip noise reducing circuitry and the gap less micro lens keeps the data of images clear and perfect even when the ISO settings are high and exposures are lengthy, keeping the photographs with high excellence. The product helps in elastic ISO speed functions of ISO 100 extendable up to 25600 that regulates the sensitivity of the camera to light.

The system captures all the pictures in the low light indoor surroundings to the great out-of-doors in wide daylight. The Wi Fi settings permit the camera to connect high speed wireless networks which facilitates swift transfer of data to computers and mobile phones. The smart phones are able to regulate the camera that permits the users to browse and download pictures, modify focus, adjust shooting modes and take snap shots. The GPS system helps to tag photographs with the assistance of GPS coordinates recall shooting locations and with the logging functions route the areas travelled.

The camera is digital, single lens reflex, AF/AE camera. It consists of SD, SDHC OR SDXC memory card for recording which is compatible with UHS I. The size of the image sensor is nearly 35.8 x 23.9 mm. The compatible lenses used in the product are Canon EF lenses and the lens mount is the Canon EF mount. The dust deletion features are Manual, Auto and Dust Delete Data appending. The recording format of the system is the design rule for camera file system 2.0 and the type of image is JPEG, RAW which is 14-bit Canon original and RAW and JPEG synchronized recording. The file numberings are auto reset, continuous and manual reset. The noise reduction is pertinent to long exposures and high ISO speed shots and the Auto Lighting Optimizer is used for the Automatic Image Brightness Correction in the system. The highlight tone priority is also included in the product and the Lens Aberration Corrections are the Chromatic aberration correction and the Peripheral illumination correction.

The type of the viewfinder is the eye level pentaprism and it has coverage of nearly 97 percent. The focusing screen of the camera is interchangeable, the depth of field preview is facilitated and its mirror is Quick return type. Additionally, the auto focus function is TTL secondary image registration with phase detection consisting of 11 AF points. The camera is incorporated with focal plane shutter which is regulated electronically and the speed of the shutter is 1/4000 seconds to 30 seconds. The battery of the product is LP-E6 and AC power can be transmitted with the help of AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6. The dimension of the system is 144.5 x 110.5 x 71.2 mm and it weighs approximately 750 grams. The price of the product comes nearly 122814 in India.

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