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Crazy Taxi™ City Rush – Drive crazy in SEGA’s all-new Crazy Taxi

Review: Crazy Taxi is video game which is racing and open world that has got its development by Kenji Kanno and team of his at Hitmaker and being got Sega publishing. This is 1st game in series of Crazy Taxi. Game was released 1st in 1999 in Arcades and ported in 2000 to Dreamcast. Then it had been ported to Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 by Acclaim in year of 2001 and in year 2002 by Microsoft Windows. Game had been released for PlayStation Network on 2010 November 16 and for Xbox Live Arcade on 2010 November 24. It has its featuring on Dreamcast Collection. On 14 March Sega made announcement of Crazy Taxi: City Rush which was free to play novice entry which was exclusively developed for mobiles.

Crazy Taxi’s reception is most positive and it has become one amongst some Sega All Stars. It has made earning of Great status of Player’s Choice on GameCube and Hits status on PlayStation 2. Sega did a follow up on Crazy Taxi’s success by creating its sequel namely Crazy Taxi 2 for Dreamcast that includes plenty of changes in gameplay. It was bundled with Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars in Crazy Taxi 2. Later it was bundled with plenty of Dreamcast hits in Dreamcast Collection. Released for Xbox in year 2002, July 23 was Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. Later it was released as title of PC in 2004.

Playing game: Most important intension of game is picking customers and taking them to destination chosen most quickly as could be done. All through way, money is earned by performance of stunts near misses together with different vehicles. Player is provided with destination direction by green large arrow at screen’s top. Arrow never does adjustment on basis of obstacles, but it points in destination direction generally. When player arrives nearby to destination then let him stop in one specified. When there is reaching of destination fare of customer is being added to total money that is earned by player. Then ratings are given depending on time duration player took for completing journey. If timer of customer runs out before destination is reached by player then customer may jump from taxi with no payment to driver.

Players select 3, 5, or 10 minute settings or Rules of Arcade that is used in coin-op original version of game. In 3 time limit setting, play continuously for time period designated after of what there is automatic stoppage of cab and no further points will be scored. Under Rules of Arcade, player begins with time limit initially of 1 minute that can have extensions by means of time bonus which is earned for deliveries that are quick.  Versions of console of game features mode called Crazy Box. It is mini games set featuring challenges like dropping up and picking off plenty of customers in certain limit of time. It bowls by usage of taxi as giant popping balloons and ball in field.

Developing and marketing features: Producer of Crazy Taxi namely Kenji Kanno has made a note which states that extension of time on gameplay was breakaway of recent “100 yen for 3 minutes” which has being made to persist at time for games of arcade and players were rewarded with long playing time by making well performance in game.

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