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Sony Alpha a6000 Review

The Sony Alpha a6000 has been introduced with new features added with Hybrid AF system as opposed to its previous model. The camera has the ability to shoot continuously at 11 frames per second added with subject tracking. The system contains swift AF performance with 24.3 mega pixels APS-C CMOS sensor. The product also contains Bionz X image processor and the Hybrid AF system contains 25 contrast detect and 179 phase detection points. The system is incorporated with in built flash and multi interface shoe. The 3 inch tilting LCD with 921600 dots and the OLED electronic view finder with 1.44M dots are also noteworthy. The diffraction correction, detail reproduction technology along with area specific noise reduction is other features of the camera. The product is incorporated with full HD video recording at 1080/60p and 24p added with clean HDMI output. The in built Wi Fi connectivity and the other downloadable application are the basic characters of the system.

Additionally, the 24 mega pixel Ermor APS HD CMOS sensor includes on chip phase detection and covers wider area of the frame. The AF tracking is perfect when shooting continuously and the image processor is Bionz X that advertizes enhanced detail and excellent smart reduction. The camera can be regulated with the Mac or computer using USB connection and the Wi Fi connection is similar with that of the previous model. The phase detection points are 179 and the added phase detect points gives more coverage over the area that permits phase detection auto focus and tracks moving subjects. The Diffraction Reduction is the function where the processing of the camera endeavors to correct the smoothness caused by diffraction when the lens is stopped by aperture down. The function is dependent on aperture and is like that of the Modulation Optimization system. The Bionz X presents progressed version of the context sensitive area specific noise reduction that efforts to recognize as to the area of image representation with smooth tone and different mounts of noise reduction.

Besides, the system embraces of zebra pattern and clean HDMI output along with PC remote. The Contrast AF system is of 25/179 pint with OLED/1.44 dot EVF resolution. The EVF magnification is equivalent to 0.70x and the maximum burst rate is 11 frames per second. The Alpha 6000 is similar in many ways with the Sony NEX-6 model. The system is capable of being purchased by normal users due to the low price. The system is added with many elements making it unique among other digital cameras. The product is available in standard black and silver colors and contains 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 power zoom lens along with the camera. Therefore, the system has been included in the category of high performing standard digital camera by the customers. The system contains a very good customer rating and demanded by the users extensively due to the creative options available in the device. The ease of use, reasonable price and outstanding presentation with simplicity are the reasons for the demand of the Sony products by customers.

Polaroid PIC300bk Review

The Polaroid PIC300bk is the analog camera that permits to print the photographs instantaneously. The images printed will be business card size color photos that are compatible with Polaroid 300 instant film. The system is added with wrist strap and four AA batteries. The scene settings included in the camera provides to capture the perfect and correct shots in any lighting conditions. The product is available in standard black color provided by the company with one year warranty. The Company has come up with most modern technology added with in built automatic flash. The product is useful for frequently travelling persons, businessmen and other professionals as the hard copy of the images can be obtained immediately. Compared to other models, the Polaroid PIC300BK is much advantageous as the images can be taken during daylight, night time, and dim light or during any time with perfection and clarity. There is less chance of camera shake as the print preview could be seen in the display immediately after the prints are taken and corrections can be made accordingly.

Additionally, the pictures are of high quality and the system functions smoothly due to the advanced specifications included with the camera. As Polaroid always does, the 300 BK is also added with unique characters and arrangements making the product exceptional among other digital cameras. Since the prints can be taken instantly, the beauty of the images taken can be seen and analyzed and if not with in the mark more images can be taken with perfection. The black color of the product makes it highly professional making a qualified photographer. The product is time saving because there is less need to transfer the images to computer and then move for a printed version. There is no chance for searching film to take the images, since Polaroid themselves supplies the film suited with the device. Though the product looks bulky, it is easy to carry as an ordinary digital camera. The system gives quick actions and excellent presentation giving it extraordinary character as compared with other models.

The Polaroid is an exclusive Company as it is the first manufacturer that combines Google’s Android operating system added with interchangeable lens camera. The idea of an Android supported camera was a challenge but Polaroid managed to improve the facilities to compete with other similar devices. Hence, by introducing Polaroid PIC300BK the Company has maintained the standard by including printing technology in to the device. More precisely, the photos available in printed form are business card size colored photographs in high quality cards. There contains integrated flash that helps to adjust light, making the pictures bright and sharp. The technological developments and available modes have been properly utilized by the company giving more advantage to customers. The product is priced reasonably making it affordable for all kinds of users to obtain the system with highly developed presentations. The users will definitely get worth of the product as it includes multi dimensional features bringing it in front raw among other digital cameras along with marking Polaroid as distinctive Company in electronic manufacturing.

Polaroid IM1836 Review

The Polaroid is the first manufacturer that unites Google’s Android operating system included with an interchangeable lens camera. Even though the notion of having an Android powered camera is challenge, Polaroid has taken up the improvement as a competition to other similar devices. The final works of the camera are under process, but certain important features are available for review. The system consists of 18 mega pixel sensor containing 10-30mm kit lens with all the advantages of midrange point and shoot camera. The system cannot be compared with Micro four thirds cameras due to its reasonable price and other improved functions. The device includes an option to swap out lenses that prefer over other cameras. The image sensor is included in the lens that makes it easier for the users to swap the sensor out of the lenses without entrapping dust. The system supports running Android 4.1 and complete entry to Google Plat store. This function facilitates to put in applications like Photoshop and Flickr that helps to edit and upload with the assistance of interchangeable lenses.

To enable low light shooting, auto face detection and auto face exposure, the system includes pop up flash. The product also consists of the capability to apply filters with that of Instagram and upload them in advanced eminence as compared with Android smart phone or iPhone. The system, in addition, is added with recording of Full HD 1080p video. Furthermore, the 3.5 inch screen with touch screen facility is very expansive without much sharpness and brightness like that of Samsung Galaxy camera. The product is added with Android button, Menu and recent applications, Home, Back are situated at the right side of the display and an operating system included therewith. For the purpose of uploading photos while travelling, the system is included with an integrated 3G or 4G facility and a modem to connect to internet. The device features Wi Fi connectivity and Bluetooth that would provide chance to post a program directly to the Instagram or other social media sites. Otherwise, the images taken can be transferred to the computer using other features added in the camera.

The system though contains limited functions, gives clarity to the images with high performing lenses. The Android facility is also remarkable as this will enable to upload software into the system. Hence by including different software, innovative ability of the user can be improved. The device is just like using a smart phone making it easier for the users to work with much faster device. The quick access to the functions makes the Polaroid device outstanding and user friendly. The system has become a rivalry to other devices that are equally placed with compact digital cameras. The system presents high quality images and with its full HD 1080p video, the device offers continuous shooting with excellent presentation. The users though have a doubt regarding the performance of the camera with Android system, the Company is confident that the system would definitely comply with the satisfaction of its customers. The product is reasonably priced with advanced functions making it advantageous for the users.

Panasonic lumix DMC- GH4 Review

The Panasonic, one of the famous electronic companies has introduced Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Mirror less Micro Four Thirds Digital Hybrid Camera formulated for photography and video recording. The system consists of 16.05 mega pixels digital live MOS sensor added with 4-CPU Venus engine. This is competent to capture high resolution JPEG as well as RAW snaps and UHD 4K 3840×2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096×2160 video at 24p. The device provides magnesium alloy body that is weather sealed and provides enhanced resolution on OLED monitor and electronic view finder. The system is also important due to the Wi Fi connectivity added with NFC features, in-camera creative controls, along with 49 point high speed autofocus in the photos and video modes. The product provides high video quality as compared with other cameras. The video can be recorded in different formats ranging from AVCHD and AVCHD Progressive, to 200 Mbps All-Intra and 100 Mbps IPB MOV and MP4 formats. The product is listed in the category of Global camera where the system frequency can be connected between 59.94 Hz (23.98 Hz) and 50 Hz that initiates recording options consisting of 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50p, and 59.94p.

Additionally, the images are recorded in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards where videos are recorded at SD cards in 4:2:0 8-bit. The video features consist of focus peaking, cine-like gamma options and time code support. The Variable Frame Rate, stop motion animation videos and time lapse are other peculiarities. These features can be recorded internally without the requirement for extra post production processing. The 16.05 mega pixel Digital Live MOS sensor provides high quality images supplemented with high sensitivity and speedy response times. The user can benefit from considerably enhanced sensitivity with maximum resolution ISO 25600, resolution, gradation performance and color reproduction. The Micro Four Thirds sized sensor is bigger for one-dimensional depth of field and undersized to take benefit of lighter, further compact lenses than a better camera entailed. The system also facilitates to include optional adapters to employ wide-range of lenses and PL-mount cinema lenses.

Furthermore, the system unites Wi Fi connectivity with NFC that permits to use Image Applications of the same company for remote photo and video modes with companionable smart phone or tablet PCs. The application gives facility for implanting location data to the photo or video subsequent to shooting. If the mobile phone is not matched with NFC, it can be connected to the camera by scanning QR code displayed on the monitor. The Picture Profiles selects from different photo styles and Creative Control modes. The wide-ranging photo styles consists of standard, monochrome, portrait, vivid, hue parameters, noise reduction, custom etc. The product provides Focus Peaking function for simple focusing which demonstrates the highest focus in MF and AF+MF modes. The users get the chance to see the peaking of focus when watching the theme in live view. The product is included with rechargeable lithium-ion battery in addition to charger, AC cable, hot shoe cover, body cap, USB cable, shoulder strap and DVD. Hence the product launched by Panasonic is well advanced model containing wide-ranging characters and improved presentations.

Casio Exilim EX-100 Review

The Casio has taken the Exilim digital cameras from North America and made it available to the rest of the world. The Casio Japan has initiated the Casio Exilim EX-100 containing bright f/2.8 optical zoom lens which is equivalent to 28-300mm in 35mm terms. The system consists of manual controls, 12.1 mega pixel 1/1.7 inch back illuminated CMOS sensor, Adobe DNG raw recording, 3.5 inch tilting screen at the back side, in built Wi Fi connectivity and full HD video recording added with stereo sound. The system consists of premium bracketing that permits to choose from different bracketing modes like aperture, white balance, focus, brightness, contrast as well as saturation. The product contains 5 axis image stabilization, manual controls, control ring around lens, 30 frames per second non-stop shooting, all-in-focus macro, 6 frames per second continuous AF shooting, time lapse function, electronic level, 1000 frames per second high speed video etc. The 3.5 inch LCD monitor contains screen resolution of 921 dots with minimum focus range of 1cm and different focusing modes like multi focus, auto focus, spot, face detection, AF tracking and so on. The minimum shutter speed of the camera is 1/2000 seconds and the maximum shutter speed is 250 seconds.

The exposure modes of the camera include program, program variable, shutter priority, scene modes, aperture priority and manual. The system is incorporated with Centre weighted Average Multi pattern spot Metering and the ISO sensitivity of the camera ranges from 80 to 12800. The white balance modes consist of manual, auto, shade, bracket, outdoors, daylight, incandescent, fluorescent as well as cloudy. The product is added with rechargeable lithium ion battery capable of rating 390 shots. The accessories available with the camera are battery, USB-AC adapter, USB cable, Neck strap, lens cap, instruction manual and the RAW development software. The camera weighs about 389 grams and measures around 119.9 x 67.9 x 50.5mm. The camera is capable of shooting 30 continuous shots before the user press the shutter button that helps to pass up missed situations. The macro function employs focus stacking along with burst shooting to give nearer images with great clarity. The Wi Fi facility enables to transfer images to the smart devices while traveling and helps remote operation.

The product is reasonably priced and contains multiplicity of complex functions including the facility to share the photos taken instantly through the social networking sites. The video recording ensures shooting of the images with clarity and exactness without missing a single content. The product is demanded by the customers due to the distinct characteristics like the large LCD monitor, focusing modes, image stabilization etc that are mostly appreciated by the users. Additionally, there contains high speed optical zoom for swift actions compared with other digital cameras. Many beautiful occasions can be captured and stored in the device or in the smart phone with the help of the wireless connection. Hence, the product with wide-ranging features can be obtained in low price and improves the photographic skills of the users.

Samsung MV800 Review

The Samsung has introduced Samsung MV800 compact digital camera with 16.1 mega pixel that consists of flip-out touch screen display that simplifies the capture of self portraits and great high or low angles snapshots. The system presents 5x optical zoom lens added with 26mm wide angle function along with dual image stabilization. The product features 3 inch touch screen LCD with extensive range of unique effects. The Intelligent Smart Auto helps to adjust the settings of the system mechanically. The Samsung MV800 is similar to ST95 offered by the same company. The system is very useful for regular users with its point and shoots feature and innovative character. The 3 inch screen is placed at the top side of the body and can be revolved through 180 degrees. The screen can be revolved to face forward in the equal direction that is ideal for self portraits. The system has 16:9 ratio 3 inch ‘Smart touch’ touch screen that accommodates the complete rear plate similar to SH100 model.

To be noted, the dimension of the camera is 92 x 56.2 x 18.3mm and weighs about 121 grams exclusive of the battery and the memory card. The system has shoehorned in 5x optical zoom with wide angle 26mm and moving up to 130mm during the telephoto end. The device contains resolution of 16.1 mega pixel with ½.3 inch CCD sensor and the video resolution includes 1280 x 720 pixels. There contains an HDMI output with dual USB/AV output inside plastic side panel. The product is structured with metal and other accessories includeing wrist strap, plastic stylus to navigate the touch screen icons, quick start pamphlet and full manual on the CD ROM. The camera looks smart added with zoom lens and self timer at the top right side. There contains an in built flash, AF illuminator lamp and narrow tablet shaped strip. The system gets started in two seconds that is an excellent feature for the multi functioned camera.

Moreover, the top plate of the system is uncomplicated included with a slot for the purpose of mono microphone. The shutter release button is encircled by the manual zoom lever. There also contains one more shutter release button at the back side of the system for using at the flip out screen which is angled at 180 degree for photographers. All the significant functions are within the finger tips of the user making it simple to use. It also enables to capture images and can review the picture in seconds. The Smart Auto setting compares the themes mechanically with the assistance of 16 on board functions. At the review mode the images captured also revolves to display the right way up. While capturing images, the screen images remain at the ratio 4:3. At the time of movie recording the entire wide screen of the camera can be used. The ‘Tap the Program’ Mode permits the regulation of flash settings in the manner provided in the guide. The home button includes shooting options that makes direct and instinctive functions. Hence Samsung has again confirmed its foremost status among other electronic companies with the introduction of the new Samsung MV800.

Pentax K-3 Review

The Pentax K-3 is the flagship model partially professional entry level DSLR camera with 24 mega pixel APS-C sensor and anti-aliasing simulator. The system offers ISO range of 100 to 51200 with 86000 pixel RGB light metering sensor and 27 point Safox XI AF module. The system features full HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second non-stop shooting and in built digital filter effects. The system consists of High Dynamic Range mode with dust proof facility and weather resistant. The product has a shutter speed framed for 200000 releases and is of cold resistant construction. The top shutter speed of 1/8000 second and the optical viewfinder are also its characteristics. The device is incorporated with 3.2 inch LCD monitor added with 920 dots, shake reduction system as well as Dual card slots and USB of 3 port. The product is available only in black color along with battery grip, camera strap and FLU card for wireless LAN connection. The system measures 100 x 131 x 77.5 mm and weighs 715 grams exclusive of the battery and memory card.

The system is framed with stainless steel alloy and the body made up of magnesium steel alloy. The product is cold, water and dust resistant with its 92 special seals and can function at low temperature as -10°C. The battery compartment is opened with the help of small rotating latch. The system consists of shutter unit that gives quick shutter speed of 1/8000 per second and unbelievable 20000 shutter release duration. The camera features optical anti-aliasing filter and creative anti-aliasing simulator that can be switched off. The smc PENTAX-DA 18-135mm WR F3.5-5.6 ED AL (IF) DC WR lens contains easy weather-resistant structure formulated to reduce the disturbance of water and moisture into the lens barrel. A special coating is included that keeps away dust, grease and water that simplifies the wiping off dirt and filth. The function of the camera is complex and it offers different external control. The system is not disorderly even though it contains many buttons and switches, but will take time to adjust with the new DSLR.

The camera is coated with rubberized compound to get proper handgrip at the right side and this facilitates to employ three fingers to hold it and the right forefinger to function the shutter button. The shutter release action is very silent that makes the camera suited to candid photography. At the front of the camera RAW/FX button is placed that suddenly sets the image quality to the chosen RAW format. This button can be modified to optional control like exposure bracketing, composition adjustment, electronic level or digital preview. To open the pop up flash, a button is situated at the top that extends above the lens for helping to reduce red-eye. Under the Shutter and Aperture Priority mode, the system chooses the suitable ISO speed for shutter speed and aperture combination permitting to use ISO sensitivity. Other functions consist of shake reduction system, info button, dust removal mechanism, High Dynamic Range capture, index option etc. To understand the functions of the camera, the Pentax offers a manual in printed form.

Panasonic HDC-MDH 1 Review

The Panasonic HDC-MDH1 AVCHD PAL Camcorder is the shoulder mount HD camera with stylish look that gives comfort and steadiness at the time of handheld shoot. The system is able to capture full HD 1920 x 1080 otherwise down converted standard definition 576i video and provides flexibility and expediency essential for capturing shots in the manner needed. The product also contains tilted view finder and touch screen LCD that facilitates to compose easily and the 16.8x optical or 23x intelligent zoom lens brings the user close to the situation. The in built zoom microphone follow the lead of the lens that enables to ensure the image taken and the sound is of the same object. The system exerts full manual control over shutter speed, white balance, aperture etc that gives professional touch to the videos taken. Other highlights of the product includes 2.7 inch touch screen LCD, zoom microphone, HDMI, component output, iA Intelligent Auto, 16.8x optical zoom etc.

The system further features SD memory card recording and ¼.1” MOS sensor. The product presents permanence of shoulder mount shooting packed in high mobility compact enclosure. The system provides large grip added with zoom lever and wide-diameter focus ring included for the purpose of smooth and encouraging function. The external stereo microphone facilitates to record high quality sound when shooting. The start and stop button as well as the zoom lever are built up on the top of the hand grip enabling smooth operation while shooting at low angles. The manual focus ring makes fast and specific focus control and takes slight and delicate shots. With connecting the camera at three different points the user can get exceptional stability as opposed to conventional handy type camera. The three points include large eye cup, grip belt and the shoulder pad. The tilting view finder tilts up and down that is actually suitable while making high and low angle shots. The battery lasts up to five hours and helps to concentrate on shooting. The camera provides to shoot with the assistance of Full HD picture quality and in turn helps to shoot in high definition.

In addition, the intelligent zoom taken from the Intelligent Resolution Technology of image processing of the camera facilitates telephoto shots up to 23x intensification. The telephoto shot remains and maintains clear and stunning HD image quality even while the optical zoom range is gone over. The control settings can be used by touching the LCD screen and the large letters could be read with no trouble. The shooting as well as viewing are uncomplicated and comfortable even for new users. The wind noise function detects the wind noise and gives natural sound similar to realistic ambience. The different manual controls available in the system are white balance, Iris and focus. The merits of optical stabilization along with electronic stabilization are united by the hybrid system. The device uses SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Cards to give exceptional compatibility with computer applications and fast transfer of data. The system measures 21.6 x 22.4 x 43.2 cm and weighs approximately 1.8 kilograms.

Samsung WB1100F Review

The Samsung has initiated the launching of Samsung WB1100F on January 7, 2014 with its usual qualities and high ranging performances. The system features SLR body type with ISO resolution ranging 80 to 3200 added with maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456. The product is included with ½.3” (6.17 x 4.55mm) CCD sensor and optical image stabilization. The focal length of the camera is equivalent to 25-875mm added with 35x optical zoom. The maximum aperture of the system is F3.0-F5.9 and included with in built Wi Fi and NFC. The 35x optical zoom that enables to get the front view of the images and conveys crisp information and pointed focus at all times making the user very close to the action. The Tag and Go function includes remote view finder, photo beam, mobile link, auto share etc. The mobile link facilitates to transfer images to the smart phone easily and the photo beam sends the images that are viewed to smart device faster without interruption. The auto share stores the images to the smart phone when we shoot while the remote view finder controls the camera with the smart device. The speed control key is provided in the body of the lens. To easily operate the 35x optical zoom, the user has to rotate the zoom ring when holding the Speed Control key. This permits steady grip and helps to capture images by keeping it in front of the eye.

Further, the system is very easy to manage when capturing fast-paced action and spontaneous moments. The Smart mode helps to take high speed situations and special modes for shoot excellence. The 16 mega pixel CCD sensor helps to take natural images even during dim light. The photo or video filter enables to capture real and artistic images. This function consists of miniature filter, classic, fish eye, vignetting, cross filter etc. Another feature of the camera is the Live Panorama mode that provides to capture apparently never-ending situations and can preview the images on the screen. The 75mm LCD Screen gives advanced contrast added with color reproduction. This enables to enjoy wider and perfect image and the brightness mechanically identifies environmental illumination and changes the brightness for optical image viewing.

To encourage professional photography, smart auto mode is included that routinely scrutinizes the shooting conditions and selects suitable scene mode for good outcome. The function further examines the fundamental elements in the formulation and alters the different modes to capture correct shot. Hence, in addition to the normal snap shots, the system promotes artistic and creative photography by professionals. The system uses SB-10A type battery that keeps charge for a long duration. The product weighs approximately 512 grams and measures around 125 x 87 x 96mm. Even though the system is large sized, the functions are greater as compared with other models introduced by electronic companies. The system will never be new to the users since all the details are provided in the menu function itself. The system would definitely be a wonderful experience for the nature lovers enabling them to capture astonishing environmental beauty.

Samsung WB700 Review

The Samsung, one of the largest electronic companies in the world has introduced Samsung WB700 with most advanced functions and presentation. The system features separately framed Schneider lens, manual controls, HDMI port for fast and simple playback with good quality television set, 3 inch LCD screen and 18x optical zoom. For the purpose of entertainment smart filters are added and other important feature to make the product special among other compact digital camera. The product is available in standard black and silver colors with affordable prices for the customers. The Schneider lens is provided at the front side of the 18x optical zoom that is functioned with the help of rocker button enfolded around the shutter release. A command dial is joined at the top plate of the shutter release and thereafter a flush power button is kept. The 3 inch TFT LCD is situated at the back side of the camera added with navigation control at the right part. The video button is placed where the thumb rests that facilitates the video to be recorded without the use of menu.

In addition to other buttons provided at the back side of the camera like the function and menu button, custom function button has also been included. This can be altered in the main menu and can select from the ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. The function button act as short menu system with the mainly used options situated at the left hand side of the screen. The different options consist of image quality, focusing, resolution, metering, image stabilization, white balance, smart filters etc. The menu looks striking included with the mode surrounded by small circle. The main selections are provided in the main menu clearly, and concisely. The command dial given at the top side functions easily with the help of selections without sticking. The flexibility of the dial prevents slipping out from the settings chosen. There is a colored screen at the back side that makes images clear and bright.

Additionally, the battery and memory card are kept at the bottom part and the battery used is the rechargeable lithium-ion type. To charge the battery, a plug and USB cable are needed and the battery can also be charged by connecting to a computer. The images can be transferred directly to the computer by connecting the camera even while travelling. Another specialty is the standard size SD and SDHC card used in the camera. The system also includes metal tripod bush and good featured doors used in the battery compartment. The door of the battery is constructed with metal plate at the bottom whereas the USB/HDMI part is structured with plastic flip up door that prevents dusts and fragments. The start up time of the camera is in second by pressing the power button making it ready for a shot. During playback, the camera will display the images taken on the screen. The playback menu contains chance for editing the pictures, slide show option along with simple functions. For this reason, the WB700 is much faster and ensures high quality presentation with its highly developed functions conforming to the standard of Samsung products.

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