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Scope of Digital Technology

An intelligent process creates cycle virtuous of improvement constantly that is fed by feedback continuously. Intelligent processes have sensor studding which monitors all movements and feeding observations to models sophisticated which allows software and people for making real-time decisions and adjustments. Digital technology makes it possible for identifying opportunities for analysing trade-offs and adaption which are more efficient and fast.

By introduction of continuous sensing ability of external market and internal operation conditions and analysing quickly variations, capabilities digitally allows intelligent process for identifying improvement and opportunities. Once improvement opportunity is found, different digital technologies like adaptive robotics, intelligent tools, and collaboration advanced technology execute quick changing.

Self-evolution: Intelligent process makes it possible for taking benefits of fluctuations in raw material prices or spiking in product demand and then responding in real-time, at least costs or at fractional in taking of adaptable even processes do. By combination of ability for analysing and detecting quickly with responding ability like intelligent fast processes have self-evolution and adaption ability.

 Iteration rapidly: Automobile iterative design is rapidly evolving. There is no long sole focus on prototypes simulated for predicting durability of vehicle. Carmakers increasingly are competing on ability of engineers for customizing software components which are functional and rapidly mirror changes in consumer tastes by experience driven with tablet computers and smartphones.

Products ideally: Here iteration rapidly comes to existence. Automated system of Audi’s adapts intelligently to responses of consumers by usage of data rapid analysis (machine learning) for continuous refining of queries asked to customers on basis of real time responses, existence of prototypes virtually and profiles demographically which is developed by Audi’s R&D team. System then employs “closet match analysis” to developed prototypes by Audi engineers. System helped engineers in distinguishing and identifying between “nice-to-have “and “must-have” features on basis of demand of customer which improves round next of prototyping simulated.

Recombination process: Software controls and machine vision advancement of robots are 2 approaches for working on design which is rapidly growing in impact and popularity. 1st is familiar relatively: Humans have usage of robots of remote control for “projecting” themselves to dangerous or toxic situations like disposal of bomb. Different sort of robot guided increasingly is to show up in educational and medical applications. With help of telerobotics, doctors visit patients by robot maneuvering having camera equipment and video screening by corridors of hospitals. Children who are home bound sick still can attend the class by same devices.

 Warehouse intelligent: Robot-human collaboration is very beginning. In case robots and humans have quality time in learning from each other, results will be better. Studies on robot-human cross-training, where robot and human work out a task together but there is frequent switching of roles, revealed that there was improvement of productivity in both robots and humans where each party learned working of other party. Co-founder of iRobot namely Rodney Brooks, who was robot maker for all things from Roomba vacuum cleaner to military operations, suggested that robots possess potential huge for sustaining and revitalizing small manufacturers. This is found in Rethink Robotics Baxter that could be running and up in hour, which is improvement profoundly in 18 months for integrating industrial old robot. It sounds manageable pretty.

Edge-centricity: Technology gathers data localized by empowering making of local decisions in process which is called edge-centricity. With decision-making, edge-centricity, and information-taking authority have been pushed out to facing points of customer mostly, in organization, in which information is put to best use practically.

Responsibility localization: Humans remains in loop to great extents. By this technology, employees and managers operate in roles analytically by monitoring activities daily in efforts of capitalizing and harnessing data as surfaced.

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