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Electric Cars

The invention of vehicles made a land mark in the history of human race. The evolution of vehicles from animal carts to motor vehicles made the travel convenient and easy for people. By 19th century the use of motor vehicles was popular. The illustrious and affluent class people used motor vehicles as a prestigious symbol. Among the vehicles motor cars were widely used. After industrialization the use of motor vehicles increased as result of usage of motor vehicles by the common man. Soon the use of vehicles became an integral part of people in modern time all over the world. Among the motor vehicles the motor cars were accepted by people irrespective of their class or standard in the society. Soon cars became a necessity of common man rather than a luxury of elite class. Different models of cars were introduced by car manufacturing companies all over the world.

The increase in the demand of new and innovative designs and models of cars made the car companies particularly world class car manufacturing companies to increase in the production of cars within short intervals in a year. Most of the motor cars work using fuels. Diesel and petrol are the most popular fuels used in motor cars. In most of the developed countries gasoline cars replaces diesel or petrol cars. During the 19th and earlier 20th century the introduction of electric cars also made a change in the history of cars. People of elite class preferred electric cars as they were not common in usage due to their expensive usage. The work pattern of electric cars is based on electric usage by storing electric energy in the batteries of the engine in electric cars. An electric vehicle or automobile is defined as a vehicle that use electric motor for propulsion unlike an electric car that use electricity that is stored in the battery of the car engine. During 1930’s the introduction of gasoline cars that had half reduced cost effect in comparison to the electric cars gave a declined graph in the use of electric cars.

After a long time of decline during early 1990’s and in recent years, electric cars regained demand among different class of people in the society. The adverse environmental impact created by fuel and gasoline vehicles gave a new perspective in the use of electric cars. Apart form the initial cost and expense the new battery technologies used in the modern cars resulted in the increased demand of electric cars today. The remarkable features of electric cars are their environmental friendly use that does not result in the air pollution like fuel or gasoline vehicles. They do not produce any carbon compounds like hydro carbon, carbon monoxide, ozone lead and other volatile compounds emitted from the motor vehicles. Another feature is its efficiency. Unlike motor vehicles with internal combustion engines that waste the fuel through heat during propulsion electric car motors converts the battery stored energy to drive the vehicle without emitting any pollutants. A typical electric car use 10-23 kilowatts per hour. The only drawback in the electric car is that 20% of the power consumption is used for charging the batteries. The risk of fire in the engine due to the overheating of batteries is another negative aspect in electric cars.

The safety measures in electric cars are done as per the standards of ISO 6469. The three major concerns regarding the safety measures taken in electric cars are onboard electrical energy storage in the battery, protection of person against electrical hazards and functional safety means and protection against failures.

The usage of electric car need to be promoted more in this modern era for its efficient function and less environmental damage features despite its heavy initial cost and expense.

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