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Exo Platform – The Enterprise Social Platform

Review: This social collaboration platform is free to use software and is specially designed for enterprises. It is standard based enterprise platform. This software is completely written in Java, and is distributed under the license of GNU Lesser General Public License. The developers of these platforms are eXo Platform SAS.

Exo platform lets the users to personalise their avatars, and also their personal details. The profiles each and every single users, can be found in a centralized directory of people. The users can spread their network by connecting with other people in the directory, and track their activities through activity streams, which are allotted to every user.  Every user will be suggested regularly with new connections. Users can share documents and also links to each other. The built in apps of this software are designed in such a way that it supports the update of activity streams, from time to time. This software enables the users to create work spaces, where they can share links, events, documents, tasks and also wikis. The spaces can be either created open or closed, according to the taste of the user. Exo platform provides powerful enterprise wiki, which helps the user to build documentations with ease. The wiki provided by this software is supported with search, cross linking, templates, WYSIWYG.  This software supports Bulletin board, which is a discussion tool that has all the features including permissions, moderations, polls, locking, notifications, pruning, searches and also bans. The software provides all the users, with their own personal dashboards, which will help them to track metrics, status, feeds and also analytics. The users can easily create tasks, from anywhere, at any time. Exo platform also enables the users to integrate with their enterprise directory. This software is highly extensible and also reliable. Exo platform supports multi tenancy.

Unlike every other alternative app, available in the market, like jive, share point and yammer, exo platform provides more collaboration features. The social networking features provided by this app are more powerful and also fast. In other apps, the group files should be kept separated, where as in exo platform the group files can be stored in one main repository.  The app provides strong security to the data stored in, where as in many apps security is usually compromised.

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