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SEL-751A Feeder Protective Relay – Overview and Applications

SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay is correct solution for utility and industrial feeder protection. This is with easy mountings, fast settings and flexible input-output options. This provides total feeder protections with frequency, overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage elements. This is that protection which can be easily upgraded with no drilling or cutting cutouts existing with multiple adapters of mounting and small formed factors. This integrates quickly serial-or Ethernet based communications with MIRRORED BITS, DeviceNet and IEC 61850 and others.

Overview: Feeder Protection completely: There should be maximization of control schemes flexibility by making use of instantaneous- and time- frequency, overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage elements with failure breaker protection for one 3 pole breaker. Protection features optional: There must be making use of SEL-751A with one of input voltage options for providing arc flash detection, DC station battery monitoring, demand and power metering elements and synchronism check. Controls conveniently: There are making use of 4 programmable pushbuttons on front panels for personalized quick controls. Communications easy: You can choose and pick multiple sessions of MODBUS TCP, DNP3 LAN/WAN, Modbus Serial or DNP3 serial for configuration customized of various applications. Control equation of expanded SELogic: There is making use of logic and math combinations of digital and analog values for applications customized. There is adapting system’s controls on basis of prefault conditions. Latched momentary inputs and scaled analog values for SCADA retrievals. Controls reclosing: There is making use of programmable 4 shot recloser with synchronism optional by checking matches of varied reclosing practices. Design rugged: There is relying on wide industry’s ambient temperatures with operating ranges from -40 degrees to +85 degrees. Notification automatic: There are alert key personnel to automatic problems with SEL-3010 Event Messenger direct supports. Installation easy: There are easy installations to locations existing being using availability of retrofit kits without drilling or cutting. Design flexibly: There is choosing from lots of integration and installation options with small form factors and slide in expansion cards.

Applications: There has to be customization of pushbutton front-panel operation and LED or using default breaker close/trip functions. There has to be personalization of LCD messages by using display event-driven point settings. There has to be creation of control integrated system with varieties of communication and input-output options. There has to be making use of integration and programmable control logic features with communication links for protection and control of remote substations. There has to be making use of reporting being comprehensive for understanding events, maintenance of schedule, detecting unfavourable trends, modifying loads and satisfying information for needed factors of supervisory systems. There has to be inclusion of RTD inputs becoming part of integration of system or having bias protections. There has to be remediating of arc flash hazards with arc flash detection. There has to be analysis of overcurrent protection system’s performance by making use of built in (SER) Sequential Events Recorder. There has to be making use of SEL-5010 Relay Assistant Software or ACSELERATOR QuickSet SEL-5030 for managing relay settings. There has to be installation of protection where required with no ventilation systems or special enclosures. The Class 1, Division 2 certification thereby allows SEL-751A in those locations which are adjacent to vapours, liquids, or hazardous gases. Options: There has to be flexible input-output for system applications and local controls: Base system in turn includes 2 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs. There are 3 card slots for SELECT I/O optional cards.

There has to be communications integrated: SEL-751A in turn offers lots of protocol options and communication media. There has to be versatile communication options for providing fast integrations in existing and new applications both.

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