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Google released first developer previews of Android N

Google has conducted preview of developers of Android N. It is fact of surprise since Google had expected revealing similar in I/O conferences in May of 2016. SVP of Google for Chromecast, Chrome OS and Android was taken to Medium by Hiroshi Lockheimer. It was not taken to Blogspot usually for stuffing announcement of these previews.

In Medium posts, Lockheimer said that his teams decided releases of it early in these times largely for gaining feedbacks more before launchings of lesser bugging versions in I/O in 2016 May. This is well enough good strategies in bidding building of more hype for Android N. This makes developers even ready before launchings of actual previews.

Devices handheld runs Android N offering splitting screens modes. In modes systems fill screens along with 2 apps. It shows them one-above-other or side-by-side either. Users drags dividing lines which separate two for making one app small and other app large. Google said that newer Android N provides many developer restrictions for playing with.

It makes operations less battery- and memory- intensive. Doze should be remembered. Google in turn launched the Doze in Marshmallow for saving batteries when devices are stationary. In N, additionally Doze save batteries when screens turn off. In case you have adapted Doze app example by utilizing GCM higher priority messages then you get set.

Accounts of Google and Facebook Deleted In case of Death of a Person

In case of the death of a person, his online accounts may be deleted. Online accounts like Facebook and Google can now be easily deleted. For Facebook, the account may be deleted or a legacy contact may be entitled to operate the account after the person’s death.

To delete the account press Settings>Security>Legacy Contact, then check “Account Deletion“ check “Delete After Death”. To set up a Legacy Contact press Settings>Security>Legacy Contact then choose friend’s Facebook account. The account is deleted when Facebook has been notified on the decrease of a person.

For the Google account, there is a tool known as Inactive Account Manager. This functionality allows user to decide the status of inactive accounts for a predefined time period. Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and AdSense are all attached to the Google account are affected. Go to Settings>Account>Inactive then push “setup” button.

A call number has to be provided in case of Notifications as well as Alerts. The time out period functionality has to be decided 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 months. If inactive for more period of time then the account is automatically deleted. Once that period is over the action, times out and Delete my Account is enabled. These features go a long way in ensuring the quality of live amongst the net users.

Update Google Photos: The best way to editing your photos

User of Google Photo gets smaller batches of newer tools. On Tuesday late, team of photos, unveiled newer editing online tricks. You could jump presently in between photographs whilst remaining in modes of editing. This is there with no losing of changes either or abilities of reverting to originals. You also could choose ratios of specified aspects for photos by selections of any 4 options: 4:3, 16:9, square and original.

Digitalized photos had have been centralized elements of lives of people’s being driven through phone camera convenience and kicks of shot sharing on socialized media. For people looking for manipulating and managing images of theirs, Google Photos are one just amongst option gaggles from sites of photos dedicated like Shutterfly and Flickr for services of storage more generalized purposes like Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox.

By means of Google Photos, you could share, store and organize numbers unlimited of videos and photos. Any photo snapped by Android phones or tablets automatically could be uploaded across Google Drive. In this they become organized thereby visions in Google Photos on date basis are possible. Before updates, Google Photos offer already editing basic tools. You can alter manually colours and brightness. You choose application of any of numbers of filters predefined. You crop photos, rotate it vertically or horizontally thereby angling till 45 degrees to left or right.

AMP Websites up in Google Mobile Search Result

There is no requirement of experts, researching reports or geeks for substantiating people’s conducting abandoning websites quickly. This could be on desktop or mobile, in case contents do not have fast loadings. There are studies that poorer speeds are one amongst biggest impediments for smoothened browsing experiences.

In near pasts, portals of e-commerce has taken lots of initiatives for ensuring that websites loads fast and payments after check-outs processes is smoothened in as much less time as possibly required. Similar factors are true equally for different publisher in technology giants or companies of media. All they desire is offering experiences smoothly to users.

For addressing these challenges recently Apple and Facebook comes out with tools propriety like News of Apple and Instant Articles of Facebook with effects limited. But for making it larger and taking leads, Google launched officially its open source initiative being known as “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP). This aims at improvement of mobile webs searching performances.

This reduces substantially loading times for contents. So, presently, when one searches Google from devices of mobile for one thing, then it shall offer web pages that are created by utilizing AMPs. This appears when Top Stories relevant sections of searches result pages. Stories chosen for reading shall load fast blazingly. It is easy for scrolling by means of articles with no taking to loads.

Google: Mobile Internet Users are huge in India

Number of users of Internet in India will reach 500 million by year 2017. 400 million of these general masses get online by means of mobile phones. This is statement of official senior of Google (which is giant search engines). It was told by Ashish Kalsi, who was strategist of search qualities of Google in India, that there were 350 million Indian users of Internet. Out of these, 152 million are users of mobile. He addressed this at workshops for journalist organization by Vox Foundation. It was being powered by the Google on Saturday (yesterday).

Ashish Kalsi said that contents are same as king. He also said that for sound contents Google provide level playing fields to them. Kalsi gave explanation that there are 4 things required for website being quickly discovered on searches in Google. They are user experiences greatly, accessibility, displaying and value. Kalsi said content online creators taps features like Indian languages Internet alliances, searching consoles and trends of Google.

Latest figures indicate that India has many users of internet when compared with US population. India is 2nd largest nation by numbers of users of internet after country China. As per reports published by (IAMAI) Internet and Mobile Association of India, Indian users of internets have grown rapidly, by 17 percent in 1st 6 months of this year 2016. This adds 52 million newer users.

Advantages of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

With the developing trend of using internet options through the various devices, like computers, mobile phones, tablet devices and other devices, the speed of web has turned reducing and the impact of such reduction in speed of web can also be seen with the users of the internet. Thus, the major companies like Google and Tweeter who are also publishing their contents on web and they are too facing major issues of its not loading speedily, thus, Google and tweeter has designed the project of AMP in its long form ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages of Google’, which is basically brought to fasten the mobile pages.

Thus, AMP is basically striped down from HTML. It is also considered as an architectural framework which is build for speed. It is seen amongst the various content distribution platform in these days that they are seeking alternatives against the frustrating mobile web and AMP is an option. AMP is as such a project which is in initiative to improve the mobile web, enhance the distribution ecosystem. Moreover, notably, AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies and as such publishers will continue to host their own content and get all their user experiences. However, the only thing which is to be changed dramatically, is the speed and performance of the web browsing.

Thus, AMP is a new system and it is also a way which will allow the web pages by making it optimized to load instantly on mobile devices of the users. It is possessing the ability to support the smart caching, predictable performance and modern, beautiful mobile content. Thus, the people who are getting frustrations with the webpage loading through the mobile devices due to busy server issue, hopefully, they will not experience it again. Again, notably, this AMP is not yet in use, but it will soon be brought by Google first in the upcoming days. Thus, the happy days in browsing the AMP webpages are ahead for all the Google users and it will surely be the great news for all the mobile, tablet and phablet users, that they will be going to enjoy the speedy web services, very soon.

Apple has been dethroned – Google is The World’s Most Valuable Company

In its reporting of the fourth quarter earnings, the parent company of Google, namely, Alphabet, has provided results which is loved by Wall Street as there have been driving up of the company’s shares by as much as 8 per cent and this has made this parent company as the most valuable technology company in the World. And Apple has been dethroned.

The announcements were made on the last Monday, i.e. on 1st day of February, 2016. The Apple company’s share have been recently, slid with a fall of more than 20 per cent since from the last three months. And as such, the solid value of the Apple which was in the hands of Apple since 2010, when it passed Microsoft at a valuation around %220 billion, is now dethroned.

On the other hand, the parent company of Google, i.e. Alphabet has been on the tear, after a reorganization and its shares are up 45 per cent in the last year. And it is so because it has joined Facebook, Amazon and Netflix as the best performing large cap stocks of 2015.

Thus, the Alphabet which has ended the day at a market capitalization of about $530 billion market cap compared to Apple at just under $535 billion.

Google Driverless Car – A Self-Driving Car

Google Driverless Car is project by company of Google which involves technologies development for electric cars and autonomous cars. Software that powers cars of Google is known as Google Chauffeur. Lettered on each car’s side identifies it to be a “self-driving car”. Presently project is led by engineer of Google company namely Sebastian Thrun who is director former of Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Google Street View’s co-inventor. Team of Thrun at Stanford made creations to robotic vehicle namely Stanley that won DARPA Grand Challenge of 2005. Its prize of US $2 million was got from United States Department of Defense.

Technology: Robotic cars of Google have $150,000 costs while buying equipment that included $70,000 LIDAR system. Finder of range made top mounting in Velodyne beam laser of 64. Laser allows vehicle for generating 3D map detailed of environment. Car takes maps that are generated and combines it with world’s high resolution maps in turn producing lots of types of models of data which allows it’s driving by itself. On 2014 June, system created working with very inch precision high definition map of that area which is to be driven by driverless car. This includes height of traffic lights and on board systems. Computation being performed on computer farms remotely is done.

Testing of Roads: Team of project has provided equipment to test group of 10 cars at least that included 6 Toyota Prius, 3 Lexus RX 450h and 1 Audi TT. Each of these is accompanied by 1 of dozen drivers who have driving unblemished records in driver seat and by 1 of Google’s engineers in passenger seat.

Commercialization:  At year of 2012 founder of Google namely Sergey Brin made a statement that Self-Driving car of Google will have its availability to general masses in 2017. At year of 2014 above schedule was confirmed by director of project namely Chris Urmson who indicated release possibly from 2017 to 2020. Google has no plans of becoming a manufacturer of car, but company has hopes of developing business that markets data and system behind manufacturers of automobiles. Lawyer from California Department of Motor Vehicles raised concerns which meant that technology is more advanced than law in plenty of areas. As per The New York Times regulators and policy makers have made an argument that there are needed factors of new laws in case driverless cars will come to existence and in reality as per reason that technology is advancing so much that there is danger of existing outstripped law because it may date back to era of carriages horse-driven.

Google has 2 bills lobbing which created Nevada as 1st state where vehicles that are autonomous could be operated legally on roads by public. 1st bill is electric vehicle amendment bill that provided testing and licensing of vehicles that are autonomous. 2nd bill provides ban exemption on driving distracted for permitting sending text messages by occupants whilst to sit at back of wheel. 2 bills were voted for before state legislature session of Nevada ended in 2011 June. There was a speculation that there was selection of Nevada because of Consumer Electronics Show and Las Vegas Auto Show and likelihood highly that company of Google will 1st present commercially viable products at both or either of the 2 events. Executives of Google refuse to reason precisely and state as to why they made choice of Nevada to being maiden state for car that was autonomous.

Nevada made a law in 2011 June that was concerned about autonomous car operation that came to effect on 2012 March 1st. Toyota Prius was modified with experimental Google’s driverless car.

Google Play Game Services: Overview, Platforms, Benefits

Google Play Game Services are a set of game services that change the very rules of Google games functionality. The mobile and web games are taken to that next level of perfection and achievement in lieu of multiplayer support, leader boards and other features of the game which are exciting.


  • Android, C++, iOS, and Web based platforms are the various Google Play Game Services platforms. Engagement is driven with leader boards where the players are able to compare their scores along with other friends playing the game. Support is provided for high scores on a weekly or all time or daily basis.
  • The progress of the saved games can be stored effortlessly. A player can start a game, continue for some time, then leave the game in the mid-way, and then again resume the game after some time has passed on an Android phone, iOS device, web browser or tablet. Calls to Application Programming Interface (API) can assist in the case of saved games with management of conflicts.
  • Players can introduce different types of new quests and can learn to interact with the game they are playing. The events can be defined and the player matrix can be captured in order to analyze the behaviour of the play game. Quest can be added to time-bound challenges for the player to earn rewards.
  • Multiple player games for iOS and Android phones can be built. The players during real time and turn based scenarios can be added. Google + circles and online auto-matched can be created for a highly co-operative and competitive game experience. We can build multi-player in real time as well as multi-player in turn based scenarios.
  • The achievements of the players can be rewarded. We can encourage players in interesting ways to explore the game. Incremental achievements can be supported as well as new achievements can be added to the game. Anti-piracy software can be purchased to secure our game from the play store.


The Android platform game-play services development uses a SDK (Software Development Kit) for cross-platform Google game services and easily integrates all the popular game features for the real-time player.

  • For getting started with Android games the steps are as follows:
    • Firstly, we download the application sample. Then we set up the developer console. Then we modify the code to personalize our game. Then we test the game.
  • For the iOS game development we have to follow the following steps:
    • The sample games are explored. Then we open or create the Xcode project. Then we add our game to Google Play Developer Console. Then we install SDK using either installation manually or by usage of Cocoa Pods. Then a sign-in as well as sign-out button is added. Then we import SDK for play games in order to enable sign-in. We add GPGStatusDelegate. Then the returning players are automatically signed-in. Then interface refinements are added.
  • For game development that is web-based, first we find the sample code, and then the game services are communicated, then we can use the API for management in order to make REST calls which reset the achievements, players and leader-boards.
  • For C++ gaming development, we undergo the threading model, the information that is platform specific and contains valid information.


The various benefits of using Google Play Game Services are:

  • Events and quests: Cumulative data can be generated by the event management for controlling the analytics of the game. Quest service adds time-bound challenges based on data given be events.
  • Leader-boards: A leader-board is a way to drive competitive atmosphere amongst the players who are interested to compare the progress of the various parties concerned.
  • Achievements: The users’ engagement in the game can be increased by achievements which encourages the various players to play in different styles.
  • Turn-based multi-player: Multiple players sharing a single state of the game can be modified by turn-based multi-player.
  • Real-time multiplayer: Data messages can be transferred between players who are connected in a single game by real-time multi-player.
  • Saved games: Game progression of the player can be saved in a convenient way in Google’s servers. They allow players to return to their game when they have time.

Google play game services hold a huge importance in our gaming lives. They go a long way in ensuring that are game experience is fulfilling and enjoyable at the same time.

Google Apps for Business Certified Deployment Specialist (CDS) Certification

Google has made announcement of launching new Google Apps for Business Certified Deployment Specialist (CDS). It is 1st official certification of Google. This certification is recognition of knowledge you possess in deploying Google Apps in setting of enterprise. You get badge and certification for displaying on website.

Examination is online 100%. You can avail it via web browser. Therefore when you are appearing for exam people watch you thereby ensuring that you are not cheating.  There are study guides for certification website of Google. Visit Google Apps Certification website for registration of exam. Try 3 times in year for certification. Attend webinar on new topics in 1 month for keeping your certification.

People who should do this certification-

  • Email administrators
  • Consultants
  • Cloud Specialists

Scope and importance-

Look ahead-

For availing web services users have to be online all the time. Therefore there are 2 trends emerging these days for making this easy. First now-a-days web services can be accessed from smart phones. This makes it less monetarily prohibitive for small business to conduct workforce outfit with these things.  With usage of smart phones users become offline rarely and changes upcoming in air travel rules eliminates hurdle finally.

Second, it is said by Google that a solution has been found out for offline services and applications of Web. Dubbed Google Gears lets users to have access of Web Google services when offline. Only 1 Goggle service that is Google Reader gets advantage of technology. It is said by Google that it shall bring different online services with Google Gears in future.

These days Google tries for meeting needs of offline users in different ways.  It has partnership made with Sun Microsystems. Now-a-days Google offers Sun’s $70 StarOffice 8 (productivity suite of office) – which is Microsoft Office competitor- for free in service of Google Pack. StarOffice is too much like Office 2000 and less like Office 2007. It offers database functionality, spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation which are needed by users. Price is correct. When used with StarOffice, the Google Apps give SMBs functionality of Microsoft Office and Exchange- with little incompatibilities-at free rate or at fraction cost of Microsoft products.


Google Apps are not sufficient for big companies. SMBs must do evaluation of Google Apps and comparison with Microsoft Technology. Institutes of education are fit for Google services extremely. But Microsoft gives same and little less mature packages academically for Windows Live Hotmail services.

Topics and certification-

  • Section 1
    • Migrating data to Google Apps-
    • Mail migration tool selection
    • Determination of strategy for migrating Calendar events
    • Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange®
    • Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook®
    • Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes
  • Section 2
    • Deploying Google Apps solutions for calendar and mail co‑existence-
      • Managing and Configuring mail routing
      • Selection of calendar co-existence approach
  • Section 3
    • Configuring on-premise systems-
      • Managing and Configuring Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server
      • Troubleshooting, Configuring, and managing, Google Apps Directory Sync
      • Managing and Configuring Chrome
      • Network configuration
      • Managing and Configuring Google Apps Password Sync
  • Section 4
    • Google Apps features and setup-
    • Configuration of Admin console settings (including 2-step verification)
    • Manage mail settings
    • Manage Calendar
    • Provide and configure groups
    • Configure and manage domains
    • Manage single sign-on
    • Secure Docs
    • Secure Sites
    • Manage Contacts
    • Google Apps Vault features
    • Configure organizational structures
    • Manage Google+
  • Section 5
    • Integrating mobile devices with Google Apps-
    • Troubleshooting and Configuring ActiveSync
    • Manage Android
    • Configure and manage BlackBerry
    • Configure iPhone
    • Device management (remote wipes, provisioning)

Attending exams-

  • Completion of Google Apps 200 training which is instructor led and Google Apps 100 which is self-paced course
  • Students must have 3 to 6 years of IT experience; possess deployment of Google Apps numerous times in business and migration tool experience like Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes or Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange. Cost of exam is $100 +$45 for webcam. Students use Kryterion Flexible Webcam.

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