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Hibernate ORM – Idiomatic persistence for Java and relational databases

Review: Hibernate ORM, or Hibernate in short is a free object relational mapping framework, which is used for Java language. This software focuses on providing frame to convert an object oriented domain model to a traditional relational database.  This software is used for resolving the problems related to object-relational impedance mismatch. The software using prominent handling functions, replaces the direct persistence related database access so that mismatches can be avoided. This software is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.  This program was developed by Red Hats.  The platform of Hibernate is Java Virtual Machine.

The main feature of Hibernate is JPA. Apart from the inbuilt API, this software is also an application of JPA; Java Persistence API. Hence this software can be used in all kinds of services which support Java SE applications, Java EE application servers, and Enterprise OSGi containers. This software does not require the support of data base tables and fields. This software triggers the major part of the SQL at the initialization time rather than at the run time. This software was designed to provide high scalable architecture, and hence scales in all environments. This software is highly stable and also reliable. The quality of this software is unquestionable and is used by thousands of java developers. One of the other unique features of this software is that, it is very extensible and also configurable. The main tools used in this software are, Mapping Editor; which supports auto completion and also syntax highlighting.  Console is another tool used in Hibernate. This tool supports in the configuring of database connections, and in addition to that also provides visual images of the classes and their inter relationships, this will help the users to execute HQL without any disturbances or confusions. The next tool used in Hibernate is Reverse Engineering, this one should be considered as the most important tool in Hibernate, as it helps in the generation of domain model classes, and also Hibernate mapping files.

Software similar to Hibernate is iBATIS, which is also a free source of ORM tool, which is available in the market. But compared to this software, Hibernate is such more reliable as it developed its own SQL, which is not possible in the case of former. The cache provided by Hibernate is much more advanced compared to the one provided by iBATIS. The HQL used by Hibernate is independent of any kind of database.

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