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HTC likely to Introduce 3D touch technology to smart-phones

3D touch technology in smart-phones has been a trend setter. While Apple has been a pioneer in this sort of 3D tactile technology, many other companies have also come to the forefront like HTC. Recently iPhone 6S has shown promise as a device with 3 D Touch technological knowhow. Google Nexus smartphone by HTC has been another major contender to Apple, such that the Touch technology has become a bit of common features.

3D Touch technology makes users interact with smartphone intuitively more with devices through screens being pressure sensitive that mimics responses and feels of realised buttons. In longer runs force sensitive technologies promise also better or new application from games lifelike more and virtual realities for adding sounds, temperatures and textures to screens also.

As per (TOI) Times of India, HTC shall be making and manufacturing Nexus next handsets. This uses 3D Touch like displaying technologies being sensitive pressure wise in smartphones of Google. There are possibilities as to that the Google may look at features makings Android standards. Addition of reports is that smartphones brand of China such as Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu works also on handset with these technologies.

Recently most, Gionee conducted unveilings of Elife S8 phones boasting 3D Touch features also. Supports lacking from developers of apps have hampered so far proliferation of Android device technologies.

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