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HTC 10 smartphone features and release date details leaked

HTC will launch successor to One M9 in current economic scenario. Smartphone’s launch date has not yet been told to us. Image of smartphone has been released and has been described as having a tinge of shiny metal bezel. There have been extreme amounts of rumours about leaks concerning functionalities and features of handset.

The Flagship smartphone of HTC has been named at a function as having left the “One” to be named as “M”. This was told by Evan Blass who is otherwise known as @evleaks. The monicker HTC is now named as “M” and has been called the power of ten hence the name HTC 10 monicker is appropriated.

Another source @Onleaks signalled the live images as well as some important specifications to be leaked out. The teasers – images as well as specifications are in lieu with both the sources information be it line or length. These are also in sync with each other.

All of the above mentioned facts show that HTC 10 stands a huge chance to gain popularity in the various developed as well as the developing markets of this world. Also the product will be a huge success amongst people given the mass enthusiasm as well as it will prove a game for its competitors. The product has already set high expectations for itself all over the globe.

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