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Minecraft: Pocket Edition – A Mobile version of Minecraft

Review: Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a mobile version of Minecraft which was developed by Mojang AB. It was launched initially exclusively for Xperia PLAY for US $6.99 on Google Play on 2011 August 16. It was later released for devices of Android on 2011 October 7.

Android Hardware performance of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is:

Version is “Honeycomb” Android 3.0 (MCPE 0.7.2 and Android 2.3.0). Processor with support of “ARM –v7a code” of calculations of floating point. Data connection is Realms or optional access. Graphics is by Open GL ES 2.0. Storage is 12.5 MB (for world saving 100 MB to 1 GB is used). Other supported devices are Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10i, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro and Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.

Playing game: Intention of game is building of virtual realities by players in environment that is sand-box like with developed Console Edition and PC counterparts. Minecraft: Pocket Edition lacks some important elements which are there in different versions of game like hunger and brewing. It lacks dimensions and bosses.  Multiplayer mode is compatible with cross platform between every touch screen devices which has capability of running this Pocket Edition. HUD and different elements have been adapted for gameplay’s mobile standards. Interactions are made possible by means of touch-screen, both Android and iOS versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition have similar gameplay. For complying with gameplay touch-screen disadvantages lots of features were being revised.

System of Crafting uses system of MATTIS. Items had been disposed by icon long tapping on hotbar. For better view of mobile screens, aimed blocks are not outlined but instead they are highlighted. Game had been with akin graphics releases to Minecraft Alpha. Graphics of 0.8.0 updates are equivalent to and better arguably than version of PC with shading and light tinting that is affected by position of Sun.Factors other from PC edition includes: All mobs have little difference from counterparts of PC of theirs. Multiplayer has allowance of 3 methods of connection of player. By means of Minecraft Realms (closed in 0.7.6) and Minecraft Realms (as version of 0.7.1). By means of external user created servers (as version 0.7.4). By means of LAN which allows 10 players on 1 server.

Developing factors:

Alpha: After releasing initially of Android and iOS parallel releasing of updated were conducted with similar features added to both iOS and Android platforms. At the Alpha stage lots of gameplay aspects were being introduced to Pocket Edition that included smelting, and crafting of more items, mobs, blocks and more modes of games for bringing it close to version of PC. As Minecraft Pocket Edition team develops and works very closely, blocks that are released on version of computer is around same span of time for Pocket Edition.

Snapshots: In year of 2013, November 21 there was development building of 0.8.0 being made available to users of Android who conducted addition to community group of Google+. Intention behind this was giving developers ideas of presented bugs and testing app in time ahead of update being released to public. Builds of development were available in testing phase of 0.10.0 from 2014 October 17, in testing phase of 0.11.0 from 2015 April 9 and in testing phase of 0.9.0 from 2014 June 9.

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