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Moodle – Secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments

Review: Moodle is software learning management system. This application is an open source and is available free of cost. This software is written in PHP. The original developer of this software is Marti Dougimas. This software was released on March 10, 2015. Moodle is distributed under GNU General Public License.  This software is mainly used in the implementation of distant education, e- learning projects, blended learning and also flipped classrooms.  This software has been a great help in class rooms, work place and also many other industrial and development sectors.

This software was created mainly focusing on interaction and also the collaborative creation of contents. The initiation of this software was made on 20th August 2002, when the first version was released. This software can help I the enhancement of the present learning environment created in the world. The wide variety of standard features is what makes Moodle innovating software. Moodle provide a large number of plugins, which allows the user to work in the site with ease. The plugins make the core functionality of this software, unlimited. The plugins are arranged and maintained in the Moodle plugin directory. Another significant feature of this software is that, the user can make use of it almost anywhere and everywhere. This software is registered in about 237 countries, with 70 million as total number of users. Users can check into their grade cards with ease. Moodle does not require an uploader, which is also one of the unique features of this software. The teachers can easily drag any documents or image on to the Moodle page and the students can easily process the document or the image and start learning without any extra wastage of time.  The availability of Moodle in different languages also makes the software standout. All the language packages are open to students and teachers, and it can be downloaded free of cost.

An alternative software to Moodle, now available in market is the Black board learn LMS. Unlike Black board LMS, Moodle is free of cost and is open source software, the users can download, share and customize this software, according to their will. Compared to the latter, Moodle comes with a large number of upgrades. This software is also very much user friendly compared to Black board LM, which is highly technical and also complicated.

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