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Ricoh WG-M2 Action Camera Launched with stunning features including 4k Video Support

Presently, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation made announcement that Ricoh WG-M2 shockproof, waterproof fully and compact action cameras along with ultra-widened 204 degrees lens in turn conducts capturing of sharp stunning 4K ultra high definition videos. Ricoh WG-M2’s boast newer features additionally being designed for ensuring performances outstanding in conditions extremes.

This makes camera easy whilst using. Camera is waterproof till impressive depths of 65 feet. It is resistant of shocks safeguarding fall of camera from 6.5 feet. It could have abilities of operating in temperature as lower as -10 degrees. Newer WG-M2 rugged actin cameras offer presently video orientations. These are newer features which ensure videos in upright recordings in case cameras are mounted upside down or even sideways.

For video/ images and controls remotely transfers, WG-M2 are controllable through Wi-Fi along with tablets or smartphones thereby using free Ricoh ImageSync apps. WG-M2 has been equipped along with larger controlling buttons. This makes it intuitive and easy for operation purposes. 4K sensors of WG-M2 capture 4K gorgeous videos at 30fps and 1080p full high definition till 60fps.

There are 720p high definition videos till 120fps. It captures stilled images till 8MP. Specifications: There should be enjoyment of higher resolutions 4K movie recordings, ultra-widened angles 204 degrees video capturing, free designs of housing, adventure-proofing purposes being designed for holding in most harsh environment and video effecting modes.

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