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Ridiculous Fishing – A mobile fishing video game

Review: Ridiculous Fishing is fishing mobile video game in which players take usage of touch and motion controls for catching fish and shoot them subsequently out of sky for cash purposes. Game is famous for battle of developer in front of cloned version of game being released by a different company. Game was published and developed by Jan Willem Nijman and Vlambeer Rami Ismail. It was released for Android in year of 2013.

Players’ casts line of fishing to ocean and by usage of motion controls they avoid fishes to go out of net as there is sinking of hook for catching good number of fishes as being possible as there is retracing of reel. Then players touch screen for shooting fishes out of sky for purpose of getting money which is in turn spend on upgrades.  Nijman developed idea whilst watching a TV show regarding tuna fishermen.

Releasing firstly of game was as Flash Game Radical Fishing with similar mechanism basics. 1 year after Vlambeer started development of iOS, Gamenauts did releasing of Ninja Fishing which was clone of Ridiculous Fishing. It hurt morale of Vlambeer.  Team worked on different games and publicly spoke about this situation. It earned standing ovation at Game Developers Conference 2012. This it achieved before scrapping resolving major work and finishing game.

Playing game: Player fishes in fame pursuits as fisherman namely Billy. Mechanics of game is meaning 3 tightly minigames woven to 1, fish catching, to shoot fish in air and fish line castings.  Players cast line and does device tilting for avoiding fish as there is sinking of hooks. On conducting fish hooking, there is ascending of hook and player conducts device tilting for catching lots of fishes as possible in surface route. Above level of water fish is launched to air and player taps shooting of fish being screened out of sky for earning money ahead of time that is needed for falling into water. There is difference in characteristics of fishes which include swimming patterns and needed shots number for cashing in.

Shot of Jellyfish detracts from whole income. 4 stages are there each with own audio and video theme. Rare fishes has mode that is endless in which players work to high scores. earnings are spent in store in way of upgrades persistently like long line length of fishing, hats frivolous, lures chainsaw, toaster and hair dryer (for zapping catches inadvertent), drills invulnerable, necktie for handsome income,  guns bigger, and fuelling for chainsaw. There is Fish-o-pedia in smartphone of Billy which provides tracks and hints of gameplay stats like catching fish that is progressing factor for new unlocking levels. There is not at all an in-app purchase.

Developing factors: Radical Fishing was developed by Vlambeer which was Adobe game based on Flash in which fisherman conducts sitting in boat and casting lines to water, pulling fish to air and shooting them by means of gun. It had been built for taking all good things from browser habit-forming games with no artificial extensions of length for just hooking players. Game had been designed with loop of feedback in which performing factors is 1 minigame letting better experience more rewarding in next small game.

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