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Survive! Mola Mola! 300 million of my own kind, all dead

Review: This is an Android Mobile Game about dying, then with desire of living and then with wanting to die again. There is no kidding about this fact and game makes sense as said. If you have lots of time you can play this game. There is no typical intention of game but apparently the simple goal is growing Sunfish (Mola Mola) to most grandeur and majestic atrocity that is seen ever. Mola has its growth in slow rate relatively. Mola begins growth from eating or adventuring.  There are plenty of ways by means of which Mola dies.

Mola eats food in following ways: Food appears periodically on screen. You could tap these or slide finger by means of these for eating purposes. Early in game in which food rarely appears tapping is good. But in game later there is frequent appearance of food so you can just easily slide it. In case you are fingered with fatness then there is helping of slides. You could certainly not get finger to have contact establishment inside 5mm radius on screen of phone.

4 ways by which Mola dies are as follows: There are dying chances when Mola eats certain food type, goes for certain adventure, natural causes and your bad direct conducts to poor Mola. Apparent dying sufferings are due to severe performance lack in game. When dying is there you put to shores of different other mola for man-handling immediately. Dying has not being bad occurrence fully in game but actually when it dies other Mola you attain has more immunity to that death causes. There is lot of evolution. You could get MP (Mola Points) which is a currency form by adventure succeeding.

You could get 3 things with Mola Points: Novice Food types, occurrence of food increased and novice adventures.  Too much costly food types and adventures are rewarding to great extents obviously because they have more additions to Mola weight. This leads to fast growth. All in all to say is that dying is not that bad. Added factors to give MP to you, in case you die because of some cause for 1st time then you achieve +15% to food bonus that means all food and adventure types gives more weight by 15%. This is not so much early in game because of value truncation but later on there are drastic effects.

There is a Golden Turtle which appears almost all the time in every 3 to 5 hours. At times when you swipe it or tap it when it swims past screen, total food bunch appears for little time. In case you cannot view golden turtle then there is nothing to worry about because it will again swim past in next minute. To get account of Twitter helps because tweeting related to evolution of Mola causes Golden Turtle instantaneous appearance in turn making an easy life. If your intentions whilst playing game are wastage of time then it is not good idea (as most people do). But this game can be played with intentions of checking and to seek completion of what is offered by game. Guide is there which has contents like Mola Sizes, Sudden Death, Hard Mode, Adventure and Food Count.

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