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Alexa has targeted smart homes with Amazon Tap and Echo Dot

Alexa which is a personal assistant by Amazon, with voice activated features has aimed for a bigger share in the segment of smart homes. Two devices have been added by Amazon, US online titan, to the Alexa family known as Amazon Tap and Echo Dot.

Amazon Tap which is priced at 130 dollars is a portable speaker connecting to a mobile host spot or Wi-Fi. This can be used to order food, read news, read weather report, play music and much more.

Echo Dot which is priced at 90 dollars is used to control a thermostat, a light switch as well as many other connected devices to voice commands. Echo Dot is ordered by the voice command which says “Alexa, order an Echo Dot” to existing Amazon customers only as well as devices which are from Amazon.

These platforms can propel Amazon as the only and the first platforms in the world in the smart home domain. Amazon is also keen on adding partners to Alexa to include a streaming service for music like Spotify to include a Fire TV which enables a voice search for the viewer. In 2014, Echo speaker used artificial intelligence of the same kind as was used by Apple, Microsoft and several other leading companies. It will be a great success in the smart home segment in the years to come.

“ISIS” Threatens Founders of Twitter and Facebook, says Experts

Groups of professional ISIS hackers in specific week threatens founders of most largest socialized media world sites by conducting posting of online videos in turn showing cyber CEO’s faces namely Jack Dorsey and Marc Zuckerberg. They riddle with guns bullets machined generated by computers. Though officials and experts have not given many weights to threats of this kind.

Hackers calling themselves “Sons Caliphate Army” in English being mangled released videos since Twitter and Facebook have campaigns for shutting down accounts of ISIS. This spreads displaying execution gruesome videos, assisting groups of terrorists for recruiting followers, for spreading propagandas and facilitating communication.

There are no indications that however in Raqqa, Syria, core ISIS has capabilities of launching attempt of assassinations inside US or attacks sophisticated even like slaughters in Paris in year 2015. Till date ISIS has have relied on calls generally to jihadis wannabe in US for attacking targets like “Drawing Prophet” contests in Garland Texas in 2015 year.

This was unsuccessfully attacked by 2 ISIS supporting gunmen’s who had been killed by enforcement of laws. Knowledge from attacks of Garland is that supporter of ISIS in US takes cues from threats going out through socialized media. Whilst odds of plots successfully are lowered, there are rulings out as to that some person shall try responding to calls. There are threats thousands for all attempts at attacks.

iPhone at Rs 68 is not provided by Snapdeal, hence it is fined Rs 10,000

Sangrur District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on Snapdeal for not having honoured its promise of an iPhone at Rs 68. The 5s 16GB iPhone was given in July 2014 listing but as per Snapdeal it was not released in market due to a technical hitch. However the forum had dismissed that sort of argument.

A Sangrur engineering student named Nikhil Bansal had lodged the complaint. He had earlier sent a lot of emails to Snapdeal which were just not answered by the premier company. Hence he approached the SCRDC which is in Sangrur, Punjab. On 26th march 2015, SCDRC ordered Snapdeal to provide the iPhone to Nikhil at Rs 68 that is the price in the listing. SCDRC had said that it was a case of deficiency in service on behalf of the premium company and it had to pay Rs 2000 for compensation and litigation charges. It also ordered the company to pay Rs 10,000 to the consumer welfare fund because it had filed to deliver the above-mentioned product as promised.

In order to avoid hype gripping customer’s attention, all companies have to bear moral responsibility to deliver promised goods and services on time and at the price given in the online listing catalog. No company can give a silly excuse.

Amazon Echo Presently Controls Thermostats

The tech crowd is hit to an all-time high with Amazon Echo. The cloud based services on the voice platform is a 180 dollar tube shaped speaker known as Alexa. The smart home has been a success and Alexa is an easy means of controlling device.

WiFi thermostats are integrated into the system and serves as a centerpiece for the smart home. Echo and Ecobee have partnered to make a winning combination. Ecobee is working since the last 6 months with Amazon and is effective centered on the voice commands of Alexa. Lighting systems have also been started to be integrated with API Amazon call.

Echo has directly integrated with Amazon device category. Other smart devices for home are indirectly connected with third party integration with Amazon. Temperature sensors and thermostats are actively connected with Amazon giving rise to a widespread range of services for the smart home.
Amazon Echo has been a huge success even while the rest of the companies vie for the hot spot. Ambient intelligence is provided to control as well as interact devices in the smart home. The far-field voice is nailed first by Amazon and that serves as a winning factor for the premier company. This has so far been a non trivial synthesis. Ecobee also works for Apple’s smart homes and has come a long way for the building of smart homes for common people.

Amazon Prime Music is advanced Streaming Service

A report states that Amazon Prime Music has the highest headcount of subscribers for any music service that is streaming. Amazon’s Prime program is extremely popular and is able to handle a huge number of customers. These customers pay 99 dollars per year for the benefits of cheap shipping as well as the in-house option of streaming. The catalog of song by Spotify, have a huge fan following names and albums, however the Amazon Prime company is not far behind.

Each and every bonafide member of Amazon Prime has a music subscription and it is a sort of a packaged deal. In 2015 Amazon Prime had 54 million subscribers, each of whom pays for this service. This is in huge contrast to the subscriber base of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

The platforms exist on their self with the possible exception of Apple Music and all the entire customer base need to pay for the services. Many streaming platforms do not operate in the following manner because it is a new trend in the respective field. Sometimes it is an add-on to the existing bill on the monthly subscription.

Convenience, choice and circumstance, as regards to the Streaming service of the music industry, in a rapidly changing scenario. The music industry is all set to have a blast in the economic landscape.

Expertise Products Line-ups Helps AMD in Regaining Shares in PC Processor

2015 year was challenging year for AMD who are graphic processor manufacturers. Revenue bases of companies declined by 28 percent. Net losses expanded to 660 million dollars. This is 403 million dollars when compared with ones being in 2014. There were weak macro-economic situations with declines in PC sales. AMD had been hit by too much loss in market shares to Nvidia in (GPUs) Graphic Processing Units and Intel in (APUs) Accelerated Processing Units.

Financial loss and tough PC markets are not in vogue. Multi-year efforts by AMD were continued to transitioning its model of businesses. This diversified its revenuing bases thereby establishing foundations for financial improved performances. Companies are confident as to that investment in technology realm in longer terms and focus sharpened creates stronger foundations for growths in future. There are expectations that revenues shall have growth in 2016 fiscal year.

There is a belief that shares regaining in client’s computing markets being driven with expansions in segments commercially and competitive roadmaps of products are important drivers of growth for 2016 fiscal year.  Early in week, AMD made announcement that there are momentum increasing for 6th Generation AMD Pro A-series processor for mobile. There are basis on introductions of 2 new winning designs of HP notebooks, newer enterprise deployment in large scales and expansions of HP adoptions of technologies of AMD FreeSync in displays.

Chinese Concerns Displays Nokia Earnings

Nokia had abilities of beating marketing expectations with fiscal 4th quarter earnings in 2015. But grim outlooks stopped and hindered stocks from increasing. At times of callings of earnings CEO of company warned collaborators and investors regarding waning demands in China. Interestingly this Nokia had not issued guidance for quarter’s on-going or full years. This suggested that 1st quarter shall be tough extremely for companies.

Customers may be pulling back capexes in lights of macro-economic uncertainties. So company have no work much to do. But in US, merger of Nokia with Alcatel-Lucent helps in offsetting demand’s sluggishness. Both Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia performed nicely in recent concluding quarters. This implied that 2 companies have become and been in good shapes.

Mergers are in their ultimate final fronts and stages. Reason is that, Nokia announced recently that it has 91 percent of shares of Alcatel-Lucent. This follows 2nd round of its EUR 15.6 billion all stocking offers. In China, there is a confidence in position of Nokia. Acknowledgement should be given to install combined bases of Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Nokia.

But slowdowns in rollouts 4G are matters of great concerns and paying heeds. Nokia network impress with stronger bottoming lined performances. Nokia’s net sales have risen to 3 percent on basis reported. This drives by staggering growth of 170 percent in revenues of Nokia Technology. There is 5 percent decline in revenues of Networks’.

Cisco Avails Huge Earnings in 2nd quarter of 2016

Shares of Cisco in 2nd quarter of 2016 as jumped up to more than 5 percent. Dividends increase and buyback shares show confidence in potential for future development of Cisco. Macro-economic trends exhibit that even if customers’ engagement is below what was in last quarter still there has been tremendous revenue rise for Cisco.

Routers and switches which are high end, security investments, software dealing with data analytics, tools which are cloud emphasized internet-of-Things (IoT) domain dominance and a number of acquisitions are Cisco’s strong points. Cisco has acquired several organizations and it has partnership with 2 organizations. These have happened in various different domains still they are part of a single integrated ecosystem.

It consolidates its position as a market leader in various segments such as IoT and network security. Next generation network is aim of Cisco. The Cisco has acquired Lancope, Portcullis, ParStream and Acano in video security and data analytics domain. Collaboration is accelerated because Cisco has acquired such efficient companies. Acano aids in delivery of video. Recently its IoT, SaaS domain has received a boost with a deal with a company known as Jasper.

These companies have further enhanced Cisco’s reputation and expertise and have given rise to market supremacy of premier company. Shareholders have received returns of 2.4 million dollars. This is a substantial growth and increase in current quarter’s dividends.

Microsoft Updated Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 have been recently upgraded by Microsoft. Details of background telemetry of Windows 10 make a huge number of connections to servers of Microsoft in each and every hour. Tracking option was disabled and blocker for 3rd party telemetry was installed disabling background operation was strongly recommended.

This move gave Microsoft a complete control over operating system and what it does in background processes. That sort of frankness in attitude is a thing to deal with. However, all data sharing and telemetry of background is not bad. Health of Microsoft operating system is concerned about phone home characteristic and real time information makes gradual improvements. Real time information is anonymous and should not be disabled at all.

Window 10 control over major updates is a part to move Windows to a software-as-a-service delivery model. Detailed control for telemetry options gives users trust and confidence in use of an operating system. This is exactly what Microsoft needs to do in present economic scenario.

The alterations in telemetry of Microsoft can be thought to change in near future as it exercises full control in Windows 10 addition of enterprise. Pro and Home of Windows 10 addition still want a collaborative and open way to engage with customers. It is a beginning of a long way to start in Windows 10 EULA house. It is fresh start for Microsoft.

Stronger restriction outside US for Crypto that is unbreakable is very less likely to avoid Terrorism and Criminalist activities

Different types of products which deal with encryption are available, for example, open source, free proprietary or paid. Encryption products outside US do not spend much time worrying about quality of crypto. This helps anti-social elements to enter swiftly and easily into encrypted products. Data which is sensitive is easily compromised in case crypto is in documentation form available online. Excel and CSV files is also comprehensive and encryption algorithm depicting laws are loose.

Earlier in 1999 crypto products were very rarely available. Now they are far easy to use. There are very few export and import restrictions on crypto products that enter US. This not only creates a competitive disadvantage but also put a huge risk on security concerns in US. There should be very strong NSA laws for surveillance and laws which mandate backdoor entrances for products which are encrypted outside United States.

There should be some laws for products which are documented in online form as also there should be some laws for products which come by email. Email encryption, voice encryption, file encryption, VPN, and SMS encryption are widely available in present day scenario. Out of 587 products, 374 products are crypto products which are based outside US. Countries like Iraq, Cyprus, Thailand and Chile produce some encryption products which are not strictly regulated.

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