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The Simpsons: Tapped Out – A freemium mobile game for iOS and Android

Review: The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a mobile freemium game for Android that is based on The Simpsons which in turn is animated series of America. It provides allowance to users for maintaining and creating own version of familiar buildings and characters Springfield usage. Game is being constantly updated with novice content season specific. In holidays like Thanksgiving and for Halloween content related with episodes of Tree House of Horror.  Game has its availability in languages like Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Simplified Chinese and German. Game was published and developed by EA Mobile and had its launching on 2013 February 6 for Android. Game has been released for devices of Kindle Fire in many markets on 2013 June 24. As per estimates there was EA generation of $ 130 million in revenues after release of game. Android game version is downloaded by means of App store of Amazon for BlackBerry 10.

Playing game: There was consideration that game is city building game. It provides offering of varieties of buildings like shops, public buildings, houses from series, which in turn is bought by player with currency of in-game of dollars. Items premium is bought with cash of real-world by means of donuts that creates reference to passion of Homer Simpson for donuts in series. Lots of buildings are offered with quest lines for following player and addition of character from series. The players make collection of characters together with buildings. There is sending of characters on tasks, progressing with questions, game advancement and earning money that is extra for saving up because of items.

One and other building generate regularly an amount of cash in-game for collection under titles like Income Tax from homes and Collection Plate from First Church of Springfield. Player place roads, decorations, rivers and pavement on land. In year of 2013 there was development being added to Krustyland transporter for getting players to infamous Krustyland from Springfield, where they could build and expand same interactions of players in Springfield of game. The game has been supported by Origin of EA which has acting as bridge socially where layers might log in to accounts of Origin and visiting towns of friends for collecting cash for 1 time in 24 hours’ time and other tasks occasionally during event. There is Easter egg hidden where for purpose of obtaining statue of decoration of Jebediah Springfield. Player should tap 10 Homer times in row when he is accomplishing a task. This conduct provides player 10 free donuts which is workable only once. Highest levels number is presently 52 after update of 2015 May 6.

Developing factors: As per runner of game and Simpson’s long time writer namely J.Stewart Burns originally game started as labour of love. He did not expect much happening after release of game. Though they are not credited, there is presence of 10 writers working latest on game that includes Simpson’s writers like Diana Wright, Matt Selman, Carolyn Omine, Brian Kelley, Jon Kern, Burns and Jeff Westbrook.

Problems of In-game:  After launch of iOS, game had been pulled from App Store of iOS because servers of EA could not cope with plethora and demand of bugs reported seriously by users. After 1 month, EA formed forum by which users report bugging issues.

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