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Contribution of Ford in Car Manufacturing History

One of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind is the invention of automobiles. In ancient times the mode of travel from one place to another was walking long distances. The affluent people used to have palanquins and palanquin bearers. Another mode of travel was using animals. Horses and elephants were trained for the purpose of traveling. Gradually wooden structures attached with wheels were begun to be used for moving from one place to another. This was the primitive form of an automobile. Later animals were used to drag or move these wheels structure formed another mode of transportation known as the carts. In some places servants were used in the place of animals to pull the carts. Gradually carts were used for several purposes of traveling including carrying luggage and people. Bullock carts and horse carriages became common for traveling. Soon after the invention of carts steam engine was introduced.  By the middle of 18th century motor engines were introduced. Automobiles using fuels were introduced and replaced carts, cycles and steam engines.

In the year 1902 manufacturing of automobiles at a large scale was introduced. After the introduction of Ford Cars, the automobile industry was literally dominated by the Ford Company. In the year 1914 the manufacturing of automobiles particularly the production of parts of cars and its interchangeable parts were introduced in a massive scale by Henry Ford. The special feature of Ford cars were there high productivity in the number of cars produced. The human resource or the man power used for the production of Ford cars were less when compared to production of other automobiles. The productivity of the ford cars were eight fold. The fast drying Duo lacquer was used in ford cars. Another feature of the ford cars were the high efficiency of the workers. This was mainly due to their work pattern assigned to them. Every worker was assigned specific work area that increased the efficiency and productivity of the worker. Their efficiency was well paid with high wages that to a great extent increased the economic strategy of United States. The high efficiency and high wages theory was the inspiration to other industries. The growth of the Ford Company was amazing as it resulted in overwhelming response from the automobile users all over the world that made the company to have new openings all over the world. The fame of Ford was spread in most parts of the Europe that resulted in the new production of Ford cars in Britain and France in 1911. Ford Denmark in 1923 and Ford Germany in 1925. The brand name Ford became the synonym for cars during that period and even today to certain extent the conservative section of society considers Ford as the most valuable possession they can have. After Ford several cars manufactures like Morris and Apperson came to the automobile industry. At the time of economic depression during 1930 even renowned car companies, Dorris, Haynes, Cole and Premier had to face harsh economic crisis. The American car manufacturers in 1920 were about 200 reduced to a number of 43 in the year 1930.

Today most of the car uses advanced technology with internal combustion engine with high fuel efficiency. For more efficiency most of the automobiles use gasoline and petrol. Diesel is another fuel used in cars next to gasoline and petrol.

Future car technologies are more advanced with battery electric and electric vehicles, bio fuels, hydrogen cars and alternative fuels. The new technology development focuses on driverless car in near future for the future generations.

It is an admitted fact that what ever be the technology an automobile industry without the production of cars is unimaginable in the fast moving life of today.

Rent a Car

Own vehicle is an asset for a person. A standard middle class family always give priority for own vehicle. People through different ways purchase vehicle and one of the most important sources of purchasing vehicle is by availing loan facility other than ready cash payment. Today a vehicle is a necessity more than a luxury. Even school students use two wheelers. The most used vehicle in a family all over the world are cars. There is a large sector of consumers of cars who use the cars on rental basis. Prime concern is given to people who have own car or vehicle that is not within their service due to several reasons. The car owners sometimes cannot use their damaged cars given for repair or service and owners who wait for insurance compensation mostly use the facility of rental car services. Some agencies give other vehicles like van or trucks on rental basis depending on the customer regarding the need and size of the vehicle.

Mostly the rented cars are not used for a longer period. There will be a stipulated period for the usage of the car and it has to be returned after the expiry of the rented period. The car or the automobile rental is normally undertaken by agencies. Each agency will have different local branches in the most important places in cities and towns where there is a high demand for rented cars. Usually rented cars are used for a shorter period of certain hours to few weeks or months. Many agencies provide online website reservation for the assigned vehicles for rent. Most of the branches of the agencies are located near railway stations, airports and busy city areas. This facility near the busy city areas are mainly focused on travelers particularly foreign travelers.

There are several methods for rental of the car. Some agencies provide additional features of GPS navigation systems, entertainment systems insurance and use of mobile phones and internet service. The vehicle is given for rent for a stipulated period for a fixed rent or fee. The fee might be fixed on rent basis or for lease. There is also a re purchase program as a buy back guaranteed price. There purchase method is with the manufacturer agreeing for a price that is not the original price at the time of resale of the vehicle after the expiry of the rental period. After the expiry of the rental period the vehicles are given in the re used vehicle market. This is usually done with the second hand or used vehicle market dealers by the rental car agencies after the expiry of the rental car agreement.

Various conditions are defined in the rental agreement that may change from place to place.  A valid driving license for the divers assigned in the rent car agencies is the basic and compulsory requirement. The term of the car used on rent basis also varies according to the need of the customers and the agreement between the dealer and the customer.

There are specific speed limits defined in the agreement. Some agencies use the GPS for speed limit that shouldn’t exceed the maximum speed limit. The quantity of fuel used is also specified in rental agreement. In developed countries renewable fuel vehicles are used. Credit cards are most often used by the rental car agencies. The credit cards are used as security to impose additional fees if any damage happens to the vehicle during the rental agreement period.

There are several types of insurance coverage available. Loss damage waiver, supplemental liability insurance, personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage and excess insurance are the most used types of insurance provided for the rent a car customer.

The rent a car supplemental service is really a great alternative for people who have usage of the vehicle for a short period.

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