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Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) – An All around Video player

Review: MPC-HC, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, is developed by Gabest. This is an open source media player, which was specially designed for Windows. This compact media player is suitable for both 64 bit and 32 bit Microsoft windows.  The physical appearance of the media player has high resemblance with the older version of Windows media Player 6.4, but this software is packed with modern features and options which are not available in the modern day media players. This software was initially released about 11 years ago on 23rd May, 2003, and the stable release of this media player was on 25th January 2015. The platforms of MPC-HC are IA-32, and x-86-64. This media player is currently available in about 31 languages.  At first MPC-HC, was a closed source, but later it was converted to a free source and is now distributed under GNU General Public License.

The latest version, MPC-HC, has been specially built with an option to eradicate tearing; a type of visual artifact. This media player supports, Widows Vista, Windows 7 and also Windows 8. MPC-HC, supports Enhanced Video Render; EVR/EVR CP. This media player unlike others available in the market supports almost all the subtitles.  With the assistance of a TV tuner card TV programmes can be recorded and played in this media player. This application has an option of On Screen Display, and also has multi monitor support.

Compared to the other top media players, now available in the market, including the VLC media player, MPC-HC is much better in regard with compatibility and also features. The latest version of the media player is packed with bug fixers and also updated libraries.  Additional video decoders are also an advantage for MPC-HC, over other media player in the market. The latest version also supports colour management, which is a unique specification, which can be only found in MPC-HC. Another one of the special features of the media player is that you can use it in any computers, which supports SSE CPU. With a wide range options, this media player is very easy to customize.  MPC-HC, can also be used as DVB player.

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