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WhatsApp now permits you to share document files while chatting

After years of launchings of WhatsApp Messenger being owned by Facebook finally has received abilities of sending documents through chat. Features are visible in too much builds recent being available by means of App Store and Google Play- iOS v2.12.4 and – Android v2.12.453. WhatsApp introduce bunches of different features along with updates.

In Android, WhatsApp v2.12.453 which is present through Google Play being for fewer users show “Document” options in section of Attachment. All users not with similar app versions have abilities of viewing options at moments. Many users, on current app versions are present through sites of company’s- v2.12.489. They have abilities of seeing options which indicate update of server sides.

For present, users only could send PDF files but filing supports have likely expansion in futures. Note-worthy factors are that, before presence of 6 options of attachment, with video and photo combine being onto camera because of documents additions is there. WhatsApp for iOS v2.12.4 meanwhile, let users sharing videos or photos from different apps like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Users should require opening “Video/Photo Library” and tap “Choosing from different apps” for sharing files. Additionally, users pick across sets of solid colours for chatting backgrounds. Design improved besides for video and photo browsing, users of iOS could zoom in across videos whilst users play it. Users could see “blue ticks”.

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