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WhatsApp bringing ‘Setting Page’ for android platform

WhatsApp is presently in vogue. It is being rolling on in present days. It is application of messaging instantaneously. It is after been bringing PDF files sharing supports and showing notification of encryption end-to-end. It has presently tweaked Settings pages of users for Android’s. It is there with smooth animations, newer layouts and better slightly icons.

Settings pages of newer users on WhatsApp come as parts of version 2.12.506. These are yet being rolled out onto WhatsApp or Google Play websites. But they could be downloaded as APK files from websites of APK Mirror through Android Police. One also can be parts of beta programme of Google Play for getting newer versions.

Besides before mentioned changes of designs newer WhatsApp versions bring fewer changes in option placements within also in Settings pages. Profile’s setting options are till date being seen having placements at 2nd positions from tops. It has to tops moved. It features profile pictures of users. It bears similar functions. It lets users changing their status, profile images and names.

Modifications slightly like rounding of profile pictures instead squaring; floating action buttons on profile pictures for changing images, displaying numbers of phones together with status and icon’s colours changing from grey to green could be vision. Options are followed by Chats, Accounts, Data Usage, Notifications, Help, About and Contacts. Data usage is newer in list.

WhatsApp now permits you to share document files while chatting

After years of launchings of WhatsApp Messenger being owned by Facebook finally has received abilities of sending documents through chat. Features are visible in too much builds recent being available by means of App Store and Google Play- iOS v2.12.4 and – Android v2.12.453. WhatsApp introduce bunches of different features along with updates.

In Android, WhatsApp v2.12.453 which is present through Google Play being for fewer users show “Document” options in section of Attachment. All users not with similar app versions have abilities of viewing options at moments. Many users, on current app versions are present through sites of company’s- v2.12.489. They have abilities of seeing options which indicate update of server sides.

For present, users only could send PDF files but filing supports have likely expansion in futures. Note-worthy factors are that, before presence of 6 options of attachment, with video and photo combine being onto camera because of documents additions is there. WhatsApp for iOS v2.12.4 meanwhile, let users sharing videos or photos from different apps like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

Users should require opening “Video/Photo Library” and tap “Choosing from different apps” for sharing files. Additionally, users pick across sets of solid colours for chatting backgrounds. Design improved besides for video and photo browsing, users of iOS could zoom in across videos whilst users play it. Users could see “blue ticks”.

WhatsApp shall drop supports for Nokia and BlackBerry devices by the year 2017

On 29th February, Monday reports of media stated that WhatsApp, which is well-known service of messaging shall drop supports for Nokia and BlackBerry devices by the year 2017. This is conducted for pushing growth of Facebook apps being owned. Announcement of WhatsApp included all phones of BlackBerry. This included ones that run on BlackBerry 10.

This was company’s (OS) operating system currently which was shipped last on newer phones lesser than one and half years ago. This was reported by Verge. OS powers currently BlackBerry powered by Android Priv slider phones. Additional statements are that different phones being hit by decisions of WhatsApp included Nokia Symbian S60, old Android 2.2, Nokia S40 and OS of Windows Phone 7.1.

Whilst such mobiling devices are important, they do not offer kinds of abilities that are needed for expanding our features of app in futures. This was written by company in blog posts. It is tougher decision for making but it is correct one for giving people excellent ways for keeping in contact with family, friends and near and dear ones whist using WhatsApp.

Recommendation of company was that there should be up gradation to new Windows Phone, iPhone or Android before 2016 ends for continuation of utilization of WhatsApp. 1 billion general masses throughout world utilize this well-known app along with 42 billion information that are regularly exchanged. This was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on 2nd February.

Huge Global population of around One- Seventh using WhatsApp as their best Messaging source

Technology has reached to the every person on this earth, and the developing trends of chatting through the handy devices, have also reached to the many of the populations in this entire world. As such, there have been seen One- Seventh of the global population using WhatsApp. There are only few companies in this world which have abilities to claim more than a billion of active users with their provided systems. And by 2nd day of February, 2016 WhatsApp was seemed one of such companies.

WhatsApps is an mobile application and also offering its system for PCs and Tablets, allowing the users to send and receive messages through internet services even from around the globe. And it is notably, the best service providers and as such there are huge number of users to this services. WhatsApp was offered as messaging app and it has for several years been the largest messaging mobile application of the World. Also, its growth rates are increasing day by day.

As per, Jan Koum, Founder and Mark Zukerberg, CEO (Facebook), the Seven- years- old Messaging service had crossed a billion users mark. Thus, the Messenger has secured second place and the other China’s messenger, namely, WeChat has secured third place by holding 650 million active users.

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