Tata Tiago expected to be launched on 28th March in India

Rumors again had have been cropping up regarding launching date of newer Tata hatchback called “The Tiago”. Automotive popular magazines state that such car is to be launched in 2016, March 28. But Tata Motors however has in turn not made confirmation of it.

“The Tiago” is called formerly as “Zica”. It had been given in auto journalist hands for reviewing in months of 2015 December. It is nearly been 3 months from that time duration. Car is being yet for hitting showrooms. Part of blames should be on planning poorly of company and other part of blame is on Zika virus being playing spoilsports and thereby causing delays further.

Newer hatchback of Tata had been positioned under Bolt slow selling. There is likelihood of rivalling cars such as Maruti Suzuki Celerio, and Hyundai Grand i10. Both of these are conducting numbers respectable in car markets of Indian nation. Along with all totaled delays in launching of “The Tiago” time only shall tell as to whether or else wise Tata Motors has abilities of persuading customers of rivaling brands for visiting showrooms.

“The Tiago” is a commodity that is presently in vogue. It goes a long way in affirming lifestyle of owners and it is also a style statement. “The Tiago” is not only a car but it is also a dear possession for one and all.

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