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Review: Trivia Crack’s original name is Preguntados. It is Android mobile game which provides allowance to users for competing in front of people and friends throughout world. It is modelled after more renowned games like Trivial Pursuit. It has become most downloaded and important game in 2014 December from AppleApp Store. Initially game was launched on 2013 October 26 with specifications to Latin America till it was translated to English eventually. Game has got its development by company namely Etermax, offices of which have been located in Argentina, Buenos Aires. As on 2014 December game has availability in 10 other languages.

Playing game: Queries about games has basis on 6 categories of knowledge namely Sports, Art, History, Entertainment, Geography and Science. Game has 6 iconic cartoon characters each one representing each category like globe for Geography category representation or test tube for Science category representation. Main aim of game of classic mode is answering correctly queries and obtaining 6 characters before opponent does.

Player starts new game after pressing on app New Game Button. They choose playing in front of friends either or of Facebook or any random opponent. Player begins with 6 slots that are empty, 1 for storing 1 character and emptied 3 slotted crown gauges. Player makes a try for populating crown gauge by wheel spin and answering correctly questions presented. Player repeats this so long as he gives correct answers to queries or gets all six characters in turn winning game. If player gives wrong answer to a question his turn becomes over. Game control passes to opponent. Player get maximum of 3 characters in 1st round, therefore if 3rd character is got in 1st round turn ends.

Wheel has 7 slots:  These are 6 knowledge categorised slots and 7th slot is special crown slot. Player conducts spinning of wheel. He is then provided presentation of 4 choiced queries on basis of category landed on by wheel. All times player answers correctly questions, 1 slot in crown gauge are to be filled. Player possesses chance of obtaining character at any time. 3 slotted crown gauges should be filled either by category landing and giving correct answer to queries 3 times or landing on crown slot that fills crown gauge automatically. There is immediate granting of opportunity for obtaining 1 character.

All times player gets opportunity of obtaining character, questions are asked to players about ways they would like to go about game: Challenge way or Crown way. In case player chooses crown way, he is asked his choice of character on basis of category for trying from character lists he has not got yet. Player is asked question from category which has character association. In case question is correctly answered player wins character, then he continues either trying for rest underachieved characters or wins game by getting all characters 6 in numbers. In case player chooses challenge way he gets opportunity for stealing character from opponent. But whilst doing this he must bet 1 amongst his own character. In this way of playing, players are provided with series of 6 questions in row for answering. Then opponent has same questions to answer. If challenger gives more correct answer he wins game.

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