TwoDots – a puzzle video game for iOS and Android

Review: TwoDots is video puzzle game for Android and iOS that is published and developed by Playdots Inc.  It is Dot’s sequel. It has been released for Android on 2014, November 12. It has been released for iOS on 2014 May 29.

Playing game: TwoDots has objectives, some levels, and power-ups very unlike Dots. Objectives include connections of dots, breaking ice and Anchors sinking. At game’s beginning there is unlocking of level one and as there is progressing of players anther level is being unlocked. Player makes completion of “world” and other different is unlocked. Presently there are 7 worlds available that differs in objectives, elements and obstacles of gameplay.

At levels beginning there is display of objectives whilst 1 says for completion in less numbered some moves. When player has become ready, dots set are “dropped” from in-game top area. Player connects minimum 2 dots of similar colour for making movement. They are connected vertically or horizontally but not diagonally. Top dots falls down till they conduct dots hitting on beneath floors. Added to dots connection, when player makes connection of 4 dots at least for forming a square, all game area dots with similar colour as there will be disappearance of dots forming square. Dots within square becomes “bombs” explodes on every and all 8 directions (all even diagonally) as after their formation.

Reception: TwoDots has achieved positive reviews fairly from critics on Metascore (79 out of 100) and Game Rankings (78.57%). whilst it was appreciated and praised for design with simplicity. For various level layouts and obstacles it was criticized for life-regenerating long system.  Players start with 5 lives and it makes and takes time duration of 20 minutes for single life regeneration with totals of one hour and forty minutes. It pointed that few levels have impossible beatings in turn draining lives of players quickly.   Levels of TwoDots are TwoDots 33, TwoDots 59, TwoDots 85, TwoDots 72, TwoDots 110, TwoDots 82, and TwoDots 64.

Tips about TwoDots: Alike Dots this sequel is game based on puzzle and your ability of making matches or connections. This challenging and addictive mobile game is overall completed from smash hit originally. You should forget time limits and high scores. Transition of TwoDots is into gameplay world and levelled full-fledged. Added factors are that there is only some amount of moves allotment for completing objective. You could think that player can handle supped up Dots version. Basis of all TwoDots levels is making matches of 2 like colour dots at least.

Matches are created horizontally and vertically but not diagonally. Forget easy matches. Best move of creating level is square match and creation of bomb.  As players Climb Mountain of one to next level there is notice to fact that levels becomes difficult extremely. Size and shape of board changes which forces you to pay heed to patterns and angles. Added factors are that objectives will change too. There is need of matching coloured dots and sinking anchors to bottom of level. These challenges will definitely force you to lose few lives. For replenishing lives you have to wait for some time or have to pay for obtaining more. But players do not want to go by means of all this.

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