VMware Virtualization Certifications

If a company’s total business has its centring on virtualizations, virtual machines and hypervisors, then there should not be any surprising factors as to that multi-tiered VMware credential program leads the hit list and has been ranked 5 in the hit list.

VMware has dominating factors that surrounds the total market space of virtualization.  It presently offers credentials half-dozen which have got global recognition and are sought greatly and highly. Aspirants can be levelled as Associate, Professional, Expert and Advanced Professional in VMware program. It is split amongst data center virtualization, network virtualization, desktop virtualization (end-user computing) and cloud by focusing typically.


A ladder of certification is formed by VMware credentials. In this senior levelled certifications need that students must acquire lateral and sometimes low levelled certification as prerequisites. Example can be said as VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) credentials need VMware Certified Professional (VCP) credentials and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certifications need 1 or more VCAPs.

 VCDX merges essentially sub-credentials in silo that is given, thereby imposing application process extra for documenting on-the-job experience and knowledge. All VMware certifications are regarded highly and worth both pursuit and consideration. Latest VMware Professional 5 – Data Center Administration (VCAP5-Certified Advanced-DCA) is thereby remaining most popular and sought-after certification in this set.

  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – Cloud and Data Center
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)- Cloud Admin, Data Center Admin, Desktop Admin, Cloud Design, Data Center Design, Desktop Design
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP and VCP5) – Cloud, Desktop and Data Center
  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA) – Cloud, Workforce Mobility and Data Center

Scope and importance-

VMware Virtualization Certifications provides following benefits to aspirants and students:

  • Recognizing technical skills and knowledge
  • Great opportunity for making advancement in career
  • There is provision of transcripts officially
  • There is provision of usage of logo of certification
  • There is accessibility to exclusive logo and portal merchandise store which is VCAP, VCDX, VCA, VCP
  • Students are invited to attend beta classes and beta exams
  • Students get discounts from VMware Press
  • Admission is discounted to events of VMware
  • There is availability of VMware Workstation complimentary license (for innovative and new certifications of VCP5-DCV)
  • There is availability of free shirt of polo for credentials in VCDX levels
  • There is availability of support of press release for credentials in VCDX levels
  • There is availability of bio-featuring in VCDX Directory for credentials in VCDX levels

Attending exams-

  • Required courses-
    • For credential holders which upgrades from later [V4] to present [V5] VMware versions, credentials students should finish official classes of VMware for earning permission in taking related exam of credential. These classes run 3 to 5 days at $500 each day.  Some credentials need students for having different credentials also.
  • Exam number: 1 exam for 1 VMware certification typically after meeting needed courses and prerequisites.
  • Fees: $225 to $290 USD
  • Price varies according to geography. Therefore students must check website for latest prices.
  • VCDX’s application fees is $300 USD and defense fees is $900 USD


  • Data Center Virtualization
    • VCA-DCV
    • VCP5-DCV
    • VCAP5-DCA
    • VCAP5-DCD
    • VCDX5-DCV
    • Cloud
    • VCA-Cloud
    • VCP-Cloud
    • VCP6-Cloud
    • VCAP-CID
    • VCAP-CIA
    • VCDX-Cloud
  • End User Computing
    • VCA-WM
    • VCP6-DT
    • VCP5-DT
    • VCAP-DTA
    • VCAP-DTD
    • VCDX-DT
  • Network Virtualization
    • VCA-NV
    • VCP-NV
    • VCIX-NV
    • VCDX-NV

These VMware Virtualization Certifications are wonderful certifications and go a long way in promoting intellectual growth. The aspirant can go for hikes and promotions in the field of their job. There is availability of evolution of systems by the introduction of new features and services. This credential runs a top-notch credential program for a decade now. This certification has enjoyed broad recognition in organizations.

The quality and integrity of certification is high in job market. The credential is well-developed and ensures relevance to IT professionals of today. The credential has its basis on best practice with knowledge and skill recognition in the area of VMware Virtualization intended. It is internationally recognized.

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