W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more

Being a proponent and fan of W3 or World Wide Web Schools content and website for time duration of being present in more decades around, students became thrilled when there was beginning of full- blown offering of program of certification.

Students like W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more because their material offerings are well-researched, presented, free and latest. This means that you freely study, give payment of only $95 on each topic for taking exams that are associated.

Students can little or much time for preparing for examination as is liked by candidates themselves. Candidates have only to see pocketbook when they decide of being ready for attending the exams.


W3Schools have abilities of offering good deals as they being had refining and developing content for a long time now. The reason is also that they have no workings with Prometric or Pearson VUE for offering exams that are proctored. In place of that they have delivering of examinations through web. They count on quantity and quality of questions for separating the students who possess skills and knowledge from the students who do not possess expertise and understandings of the topics without environment of secure heavy-duty testing.

This makes credentials of W3Schools to be at a disadvantageous position than other advantageous programs that are costly and expensive. But these certifications are probably great ways of getting started to matter of subject for developing confidence, knowledge and skills for chasing other web related heavy-duty credentials. For sweetening deals, students get 1 free exam re-take for every exam for which you have paid.

W3Schools have departure offerings from those that are recommended to readers but that’s an organization students have worked with around and in for a long time now (for a decade now). Students these days rely on accuracy and quality to deliver web based information and training. It will not cost you too much. In its place it will helps you in learning and getting experience of things you should know.

Scope and importance-

  • These certifications are perfect solutions for those busy IT professionals who have requirements of balancing career building, family and work.  By the ways of these credentials one can study without cost. He can study at that time duration when there is convenience time for him.
  • He can study from his personal computer or his own computer. He can finish and complete his studies in fewer time frames that may be in few weeks time duration. He can complete his graduation over Internet.
  • These W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more are a set of wonderful certifications. Aspirants get hire and promotion on the basis of this set of certifications.

Attending exams for HTML, CSS, and Javascript-

  • The HTML, CSS and Javascript Examinations are taken with the Internet, at any preferable location and time. But examination must have its supervision by that person who has been selected by student of exam.
  • 70 true/false or multiple choice questions are asked.
  • Time duration is 70 minutes.
  • Pass mark- 75% correct answers for getting certified.
  • Students having 95% correct answers get notation of Excellency Degree in addition to the certificate.
  • After completion of exam you get information about your marks and fail/pass status.
  • In case you fail you can re-attempt exam. Better results will be counted.
  • In case you get status of certification, W3Schools will provide shipment to Developer Certificate of HTML, CSS and Javascript. This document contains candidate’s personal data which acknowledges their status as Certified HTML, CSS and Javascript Developer.


For all credentials sought, there must be strong, fundamental and solid knowledge of following courses is desired:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): CSS1 and CSS2
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): HTML 4.01 and HTML5
  • Javascript and HTML DOM
  • jQuery
  • PHP and SQL (MySQL)
  • ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • SQL (the Structured Query Language)
  • ADO (Active X Data Objects)

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