Winning features of Samsung Galaxy S7

Within a short period of time, Samsung shall pull wraps out from too much and too long awaited Galaxy S7 series in place of Barcelona. These upcoming phones have been expected of coming with lots of excellent upgrades in terms of batteries, memories, building qualities and cameras when compared with Galaxy S6 predecessor series.

Display: Recent images being leaked indicated that Samsung upcoming phone series have fewer changes in outlook designing when compared with predecessor. S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 both have similar metal glass curved fused bodies. Key differences are that there is incorporation of water-proof coatings on themselves. Reason is that companies in their bids needs increasing durability’s of newer devices. Storage, Processor and RAM: On basis of leaked results benchmarked, series of Galaxy S7 are confirmed almost to exist in 2 variants on basis of sale regions.

S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 bounding for western market like America have been expected for housing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 quad-core SoC (System-on- System). But whereas in different regions Samsung phones come with company proprietary Exynos 8890 Octa-core CPU. Price: Costs of newer S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 are told to be beginning at Rupees 60940 and Rupees 53330 respectively. Dates about releasing: Lots of reports suggest that newer Galaxy S7 series being after unveiling on 21st February at event of Galaxy Unpacked 2016 have been expected hitting stores on 11th March.

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