Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

Series of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is gaining widened popularities in near past. Reasons are good. Features are good. Prices are low. These factors set really such models being separated. Different Chinese players are facing hard competition from it. Acknowledgement is to be given to competition.

Feel and Look: Time you get it into your hands, Redmi Note 3 feels and look premium incredibly in gold especially. Full- metallic bodies get matte smoothly finished which does not attract fingerprint. It is easy whilst keeping clean also because grime and dust comes off along with simple wipes.

Software: Phones ship along with Android Lollipop forks known as MIUI 7. It is reworked through ground ups. When compared with early MIUI versions, 7th version is more certainly better and likely polished. It is interfacing single layered. It does let customization of users feeling and looking with themes and effects of transition.

Performance: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 software and hardware comes nicely together for delivering excellent pleasing experiences of Android. Interfaces are fluid barely with stutters noticeable when multi-tasking. Call qualities are good.

Camera: Rear cameras have 16 megapixel sensors. It has wide f/2.0 apertures. Macro and landscape shots both being captured in light of days have excellent detailing. Reproductions of colours are also good. Life of battery: There are 4050mAh non-removable batteries being managed for getting us by means of hours 12 and minutes 21.

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