As mentioned earlier about the importance of digital technology in business, cyber security is just as important. When it comes to managing a brand or a company that is designing for a website design, it is important to provide these services to your customers and customers safely. :

Why Website Security Matters?
When a brand or a service company provides services, many trusted users expect the company or brand to have a secure platform for their business so they can easily get what they need using your services. And plan their work. Fix it, now think that one day users will come to the site to use your website services and they will be faced with a full black page that reads: “This website has been hacked”.

What percentage of brands or companies do you think can be more trusted?

Of course this was the most superficial possible …
There is a bug related to the various sections reviewed by security experts, bugs that cause hackers to attack wherever possible, even where you don’t think of them, and the hacker uses them all to gain access. It detects its malicious purposes. And not paying attention to these things can be very harmful to you and can hurt you beyond the cost of your security.

Techgo .org cyber security experts test the web and various sections (eg, pentesting website) with their expertise and examine all ways to access the network and server for security. Create 99% for customers, yes 99% true, there is a popular phrase among hackers and security experts that says “security is never 100%” but the cyber security team provides 99% security. This gives our customers the flexibility to do their job safely and this is an important factor because it results in much better security and security.

We now want to explain to you the broader and more dangerous aspects of hacker attacks, because the example above is just a minor attack and the hacker is likely to change the home screen to show their strength.

Something else, but on a larger and more destructive scale When website security is poor, hackers infiltrate the servers without any trace of their servers and try to exploit and exploit them. Do not disclose because if identified by the company’s website experts, they will certainly block access to the website, hackers will check all servers and networks to find a way. Now, when users’ information on the black market is being hacked or hacked, think about how dangerous it can be. Are you having trouble? Now ask yourself this question :

Do you provide enough security for your brand users and customers? Are you sure about the security of your website, server or network?

So now you can talk to our experts for free and ask all your questions. Our experts and consultants are responsive to customers and online users over a 24-hour period so they can easily identify the clients they need. And provide the best service One of the best services we can offer our customers with power and quality is the pentesting website service provided by experienced and highly experienced techgo experts that includes server testing and network penetration, one Another area of lesser interest is testing.

checking for bugs in web applications or extensions, we can proudly say that we have provided our service to many of our customers in a complete and quality way …

Techgo is your technology partner …