Today’s advertising is one of the biggest weapons or better yet the best tools for big and small companies to thrive in their business, the importance of advertising and paying attention to it is one of the biggest pillars of a successful business that we intend to Consider the sections used in advertising in this article.

Types of graphic banners You should first get acquainted with the two most important types of graphic banners. Graphic banners are divided into two categories: dynamic banners or animated banners, generally in the form of GIF or SWF image, which are commonly used in GIF banners. Animated banners and gifs are commonly used in Internet-based advertising such as websites and virtual networks.

There are standard dimensions for placing banner gifs on websites so web designers can always find the right place when designing a template. The most important dimensions for website advertising are shown below. That you can see and consider when ordering

The second type of banners are fixed banners that are generally designed in jpg formats or PNg other image formats are used to design these types of banners, but the most prominent are the jpg format of fixed banners in many ways. It can be used like websites, social network profiles, news feeds, infographics. In print, such as brochures, letterheads, office supplies, billboards, city ads, and more.

Businesses and brand owners can use banners in their advertising, for example, they can design banners and give customers explanations about their products, they can even order educational banners such as infographics and order more users with their products Be aware that many customers are very attracted to their purchase after finding out about the quality and type of use of the product, so this should definitely be considered.

Other areas that corporate executives and brand owners can consider are the use of creative banners, which are banners in addition to advertising for users, and make customers and users momentarily compelled to understand the message. Here are some examples of these ads, so consider the following examples:


  • In the sample above, the coffee company designed the banner to show companionship at all times of the day.
  • or a tire sales company that you can get a message to

I think you’ve realized how much you can use advertising banners and visualize your goals. This is the power of advertising and the art of designing a designer that can engage audiences and customers and attract your business. We can mention the McDonald’s as one of the most successful brands in the field of advertising, which has been very successful.

The techgo graphics and design team strives to incorporate all of the above into our clients’ needs and deliver the best quality at the best price and most reasonable price to our clients as this is one of our “best business policies” Advertising is Quality Customer Service “

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