Cyber Security is a so important thing and constantly fixing the vulnerabilities of their products, and hackers have to invent new ways to penetrate the systems.

Researchers predict that in the future, certain types of cyberattacks will emerge, which we will address in this article from the techgo security team. . Of course, the danger of information hacking is not limited to political institutions, and some people always do so because of their desire to destroy it.

According to Cybinsolution, an average cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds, affecting one-third of Americans each year. It is likely that cyber threats will remain the same in 2020, but the point is that most companies have realized the importance of cyber threats and how to prevent and deal with them.

Every time a vulnerability is exposed, creative people are found to counteract these vulnerabilities by reinforcing security measures. Today we want to talk about cyber security technologies that will become ubiquitous over the next decade.

Cyber ​​Security Forecasts for 2020

Targeted ransomware attacks will increase
IoT devices can be attacked
Preventive cyber security, using artificial intelligence
Information and Certificate Violations
Supply Chain Attack

Targeted ransomware attacks are on the rise

The importance of ransomware is so great that when it comes to emerging technologies in cyber security, it is impossible to avoid a discussion of targeted ransomware attacks. Those behind such attacks are constantly changing their tactics. Targeted ransomware attacks require accurate intelligence before they can begin.

By using these attacks, criminals can gain profits and cause serious damage to victims. Currently, security technologies such as antivirus and anti-malware are available to help protect against these attacks.

The known payloads of a ransomware attack must be prevented before they cross the company firewall. You should also back up all your critical files.

IoT devices can be attacked

IoT news shows that the number of attacks on these devices is increasing. These types of cybercrime have become more important because of the growing popularity of IoT devices around the world.

In 2018, more than 50% of IoT device manufacturers were unable to adequately address cyber threats due to weak authentication techniques. This year, we will see an increase in the number of botnets. BotNets are a set of Internet-connected devices that can attack DYN servers. DYN servers direct Internet traffic.

To address this problem, vendors of these devices are adopting new security practices, although many companies have not yet taken the necessary security measures, making their systems easier to hack. That’s why people should invest in IoT investing heavily.

Preventive cyber security, using artificial intelligence

Choosing artificial intelligence allows us to identify and mitigate cyber threats earlier. It is estimated that 63% of organizations employ AI-based solutions. In fact, corporations and cyber security activists intend to include artificial intelligence-based defense systems.

Information and Certificate Violations

Last year, more than 1,200 data breaches were reported. Data breach here means most account information such as usernames, email addresses and passwords.

The above is derived from past information breaches and is used to access user accounts through large-scale automated requests.

Since cyberattacks can cause severe damage to companies, companies have been strongly thinking of preventing them from happening. One way is to properly train employees. Securing computers should also be a priority.

Supply chain attacks

Attackers will attempt to compromise the supply chain of reputable software using malware. The best way to deal with this is to use internal software. The best way is to avoid unnecessary software.