Billboard is one of the most effective tools for environmental advertising. I will first refer you to a digital marketing article to get to know you. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a billboard: Type: There are a variety of billboards that […]

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a billboard:

1. Type:

There are all kinds of billboards that, depending on the budget and the amount of audience attention, can range from advertising stands on the roads and billboards to the bus station to large inner city billboards and overpasses.

In general, billboards are divided into two types of traditional or fixed, digital and animated, each with its own benefits.

In fixed types of billboards, the messages should be short and in a few characters, transmitted to the audience in a fraction of a second, but in animated types, they have at least 2 seconds to transmit different animations.

492/5000In digital billboards, the element of attraction is of greater importance and may attract the attention of the audience so that the factor of time can advance in its favor.

Digital billboards cost more because of the power consumption as well as the high cost of digital advertising compared to the traditional counterpart, which only requires a one-time billboard printing, so it is better at longer billboard times.

Digital billboards have the ability to change banners quickly, but traditional banners do not and at least consider printing time.

2. Charm

What is the reason your audience is looking at your billboard? What is there to make time for advertising? Nothing but charm, the creative designer must use colors, fonts and characters to draw the attention of the billboard’s audience.

3. Creativity

The distinction and competitive advantage of billboards goes back to this issue and exacerbates the appealing factor.

Here are some examples of using creativity:

Smartphone use has become commonplace in human life today, and we like to watch everything on our smartphones, so what’s better than hashtags? With hashtags, you find your contacts on social networks, and this can be a factor in creating potential customers.

One of the things to draw attention to is the storytelling of billboards, especially on your flyer. In the picture below you can see McDonald’s creativity.

Probability of forgetfulness: Because billboards always convey the message in one place, they may instantly forget that the solution is multiplicity of advertising and creativity in the storytelling process, less so in other digital marketing methods. Because the audience is all thinking on their phone or computer.

Aesthetics: Billboards can, with their multiplicity and appeal, disturb the mental well-being of drivers and create dangers for them, but it is up to the municipalities to determine the location of the ads in addition to impacting those risks. At least to reach them.

In this article, we are introduced to billboards, one of the most effective and pervasive advertising methods, and we know what a creative role that creativity plays in it, the graphic designer team is ready to accept your billboard orders.

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